Is. 28:11-12 Indeed, He will speak to this people
Through stammering lips and a foreign tongue, He who said to them, “Here is rest, give rest to the weary,”
And, “Here is repose,” but they would not listen.

Have you ever thought how different, if you don’t think I’m too irreverent, or even how strange the Lord is. If you think about it, how weird is it for God to become a man, to be born in a stable, to die on a cross, all of that is really strange. And forget about the speaking in tongues, who would ever come up with that bizarre way to initiate His plan to reveal Himself to mankind on earth. It seems like anyone would come up with something not so weird to reach the world. At the end of the day, it just seems as if our Lord is extremely different than we are and especially different than the religious world has painted Him. In the 1960’s the Lord began one of His strange seasons of outpouring. John Sherrill wrote a book called THEY SPOKE IN OTHER TONGUES. Here is a small quote describing an outpouring at a Mennonite school.

In 1954, a Mennonite preacher, Gerald Derstine, was conducting a week long Bible study seminar in northern Minnesota. One, day, without warning, a young man in the class suddenly knelt down and began to cry. “This kind of emotion was very unusual in the Mennonite church”, says Derstine, “and at first we tried to put a stop to it. But before we could, another student was crying. And then another. We tried to pull the weeping students out of the classroom, but as soon as we took one out, two or three others began to cry. Then we noticed an amazing thing: strange sounds were coming from the mouths of some of these young people. Were these the ‘stammering lips’ we had read about in the Bible?”

These kind of “interruptions” became quite common in the charismatic renewal. Sudden, unexpected outpourings, became almost expected as God began to pour out His Spirit all over our world. Baptists, Catholics, Methodists, Episcopalians, and even Mennonites were having a heavenly visitation. The common denominator in all of these locations was that strange thing the Bible calls stammering lips.
Have you ever been interrupted by the stammering lip? When the Holy Spirit fills you and you begin to speak in other tongues you are at the beginning of a grand adventure. You see tongues are not the end but actually the beginning. Tongues are like the trailhead of a great adventure in the mountain ranges of God. As you yield to that beautiful expression of the Lord’s Presence, He will fill you to the top and begin to reveal Himself and His ways in your life. He will enhance your understanding of the scripture, you will be taken into new dimensions of worship, and you will fall in love with church. You will also become quite expressive, you will find yourself talking with anyone who will listen about the great things of God.


  1. Praise GOD. He Is ONE AWESOME OMNIPRESENT, OMNISCIENT, and OMNIPOTENT FATHER. Praise Him I am in that area of My New Life with Him. I Am so excited, I can’t wait fot the next learning my Father is teaching me. I have the best Teacher I could of ever asked for. There is one word. AMAZING. He might be different but thats why He is Called the King of King and Lord of Lords. One of A Kind, my Daddy. I Love Him. He has me dancing all over my yard. It’s all about Him from here till I finish my work. Father I’m all yours. Whewwwe. Let’s go in your will not mine.

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