John 3:6,7 That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Do not marvel that I said to you, ‘You must be born again.”

All of us have struggled with life, you know, outbursts of anger, poor behavior, bad habits, need I go on? The problem isn’t our behavior, the problem is us. We have something wrong in the core of our being. What could that be? Of course it’s the nature we inherited from our parents. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to disrespect good old mom and dad, I am talking about your first parents, you know, Adam and Eve. They passed down something, that thing called sin that no one wants to acknowledge or talk about, that thing that lurks behind all of our sorrow and problems in life. It is common to all humans, it is the unseen darkness at the core of man’s very being. This sin is why things have gone so horribly wrong in our world. When you come to grips with that sin thing then you understand the words of Jesus better, “You must be born again”. The problem we have though is this, Jesus taught that you can’t even see it unless and until you are born again. Spiritual things are hidden from our eyes until that day when He makes all things new. Martin Luther described this change that comes with new birth, check out what he said.

“…when your will is changed, what you love and desire changes as well. In order to become new, you must crawl into the gospel with your whole self. You must shed off the old skin, as a snake does. When its skin becomes old, a snake looks for a narrow hole in the rock. It crawls through it and sheds its skin, leaving it outside in front of the hole. Similarly, you also must go into the gospel and God’s Word. You must confidently believe its promise that God does not lie. So you shed off your old skin, leaving behind your old light, arrogance, will, love, desires, and what you say and do. You become a new and different person who views everything differently than before.”

When your will is changed! That is the problem, our will is hopelessly enslaved to that old sinful nature. We don’t have the capacity to change until… Until what? Until your will is changed by the new birth. We have to put off the old and put on the new, you know, like the snake. We put off that old snake skin and we put on Christ. So maybe today, like most humans, you are struggling, and quite frankly, embarrassed by your problems and your behavior. You are not alone. Instead of hiding and pretending, step into the light of the gospel . As you do, He will make all things new. He will do more than just forgive, He will give you a new heart. This new heart has a new will, a will that actually has the ability and, most of all, the desire to change.

One Reply to “A BRAND NEW YOU”

  1. Just recently God had to stop me from making the wrong career choice! Hours before my appointment concerning this career my mind was in a state of confusion! I was figuring out my budget on a calculator when God told me,”calculate the value of the souls of people to me”. I then got on my knees and Gods presence was all around me! Thank you God for the guidance of your Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ’s name!

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