Something fresh is happening at Victory Fellowship. As I returned home from morning service Sunday morning I had the familiar feeling of revival on me. We had worshipped for hours at church. I take pride in being in decent shape, but this old man was tired, that good kind of tired that comes from worshipping and dancing before the Lord. There is a new freshness in our services, a new excitement to be in church, and definitely something stirring in our worship. These seasons are precious and rare. When the Lord begins to move amongst His people, we dare not take it for granted, we must set aside everything and step into this move of the Spirit.
There is nothing like supernatural worship. You may be singing the same songs but there is something beyond any natural explanation when the Holy Spirit is involved in the worship. Suddenly, the songs that you have sung hundreds of times come alive, God is in the house. I think our prayer language is directly connected to this supernatural worship. The Lord poured out His Spirit in unusual places in the 1960’s, people were receiving the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues everywhere. Worship was strangely effected in traditional churches and on college campuses all across America. In Catholic Churches, Episcopalian Churches, and Presbyterian Churches, the Holy Spirit began to fall in unprecedented ways. Bob Morris, a member of the YCF prayer group on the campus of Yale in the 1960’s shared his thoughts in John Sherill’s book “They Spoke in Other Tongues” about speaking in tongues and worship.

“For me, the gift of tongues turned out to be the gift of praise. As I used the unknown language that God had given me I felt rising in me the love, the awe, the adoration pure and uncontingent, that I had not been able to achieve in thought out prayer. Praise and adoration are basically non-conceptual things, and glossalalia is non-conceptual prayer. It releases us from our dependence on specifics and step-by-step thought processes into a direct awareness of God-just as we’re aware of the impact of a human personality without enumerating the details which go to make it up.”

Have you ever been baptized in the Holy Spirit? If so, do you regularly worship the Lord with your heavenly language? There is a vital connection between the heavenly language and the powerful experience of supernatural worship. If you are baptized in the Spirit, take some time (right now would be a great time) and worship the Lord in that spiritual language. You can sing to the Lord in English, and then sing to Him in your prayer language. As you do, you will become more and more aware of the profound presence of the Lord. When His presence comes down, that’s when everything changes. The humdrum of religious futility is gone, you are in direct contact with the Creator of all things, He is anything but boring. This is where your life begins, this is the place of supernatural worship, this is the place where all things become new.


  1. When this is real you canyt sask for a greater time, I love it when the Holy Spirit falls and moves in our mist, but i Totalloy dispise it when people try to manufacture the Holy Spirit, this wont happen when people do there is noreal things happening, just flesh, people sometimes do this for whatever reason, but when the real deal Holy Spirit is there and in us moving no one can even beggan to hold a candle to itytt, We have been very greived seeing The things that belong to God abused lately, They are to be used to his glory and our edification, bringing us closer to the lord not for someone elses show and teier own motives, man will alwatys abuse anything, even the things that are Holy, I say this that they better get right with the Lord and do it now, but when God does it, it is great! lives change we draw his strenth and his goodness and love and favor and are justified before him, anything else besides this is garbage.

  2. Speaking to him in tongues and singing to him in them is quite refreshing! I speak in tongues at the assembly,when going and coming from witnessing Jesus Christ,in my sleep,when the enemy is attacking myself and family,in the shower,and etc. I’ll never stop thanking Jesus Christ nor his Father for such a precious gift ! Eph.5:19;Col.3:16. Ex.15:1-21. Now whose our real commander and chief my fellow soldiers? I call him the”The King Of Kings And The Lord Of Lords”! The strongest soldier on the field of battle!

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