Rom. 8:26-27 ¶ Likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses. For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. Now He who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is, because He makes intercession for the saints according to the will of God.

Intercessory prayer is quite amazing. Bringing someone before the Lord in prayer is a key part of our ministry as priests to the Lord. Intercession is supernatural from start to finish. First, the Lord puts something or someone on our heart. You may think it is just concern or even worry, when it is actually the compassion and mercy of the Lord. As we yield to these urgings and begin to pray, the Lord anoints us on what and how to pray. We obviously only know in part, especially when it comes to the heart and circumstances of someone else. As we pour our heart out in this intercession, the Father hears our cry and responds. He initiated the desire to pray, He formulated the prayer itself in our yielded heart, and He heard and answered the prayer. What an amazing God!!!
A.B. Simpson spoke about the prayer of the Holy Spirit, check out his words.

” The Holy Spirit lays upon the heart wherein He dwells the special burden of prayer. We often read in the old prophetic Scriptures of the burden of the Lord. And so still the Lord lays His burden on His consecrated messengers. This is the meaning of the strong language of our text, “The Spirit maketh intercession within us with groanings which cannot be uttered.” Sometimes this burden is inarticulate and unintelligible even to the supplicant himself. Perhaps some heavy shadow rests upon the soul, some deep depression, some crushing weight under which we can only groan. With it there may come the definite thought of some personal need, some apprehended evil that overhangs us, or some dear one who is brought to our spirit as somehow connected with this pressure. As we pray for this especial person or thing, light seems to open upon the heart, and an assurance of having met the will of God in our prayer; or sometimes the burden is not understood; and yet, as it presses heavily upon us and we hold it up to Him who does understand, we are conscious that our prayer is not in vain; but that He who knows its meaning and prompts its cry, is granting what He sees to be best under the circumstances for us or others, as the burden may apply.”

Understanding this precious role of our ministry as priests unto our God will change the way we think about the worries and concerns for others that flood our hearts. Instead of worrying, view these urgings as the leading of the Lord. His compassions never fail and they are being poured out abundantly into our hearts.

6 Replies to “Intercession”

  1. Oh thank you Pastor Frank, for helping me to truly understand when sometimes the Lord will use me in these ways. Although this has happened more than once, I recall a time when I was just driving down the road, and as I looked to the right, there was this middle age man cutting his grass. The grass was very tall, and suddenlly, this very strong feeling of compassion, along with tears, came upon me, and I began to pray in tongues, and remember thinking, “I have no idea why I need to pray for him.. I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit, and the feeling stayed with me for several minutes. I truly welcome these kind of encounters with HIM. i want to be used for HIS glory.

  2. Pastor Frank, I just want to take the time to tell you thank you and bless you fot helping me find my Father In Heaven. I was saved in 2002in prison.I knew the LORD was calling me, but really had no idea where to start. I was scared because i didnt know where to go. I have always been afraid of finding th e wrong church and listening to the wrong preaching. So I ask Him where did He want me to go and He Said your church, so I s aid ok. He told me go in there and listen and meditate on what you preach and go back and match your words with my Bible. So I did that for three weeks. I was sitting there and he said to me that’s how you know if you are on the right road or not. Everything you preached was there and xorrect and he said that’s how you know. Stay in your Bible study it meditate on it eat and drink from it daily. Ever since I’ve been doing that. I have had some amazing stuff happen to me that i never ever felt before. The Presence of Him is always with me. I was oumoing gas for my truck one day and The power hit me so hard when I was standing there waiting for the truck to finish filling just praising him and I almost fell to the ground. My wife said what’s the matter wjth you and i just stood there and smiled. My wife somethings going on she’s not saved, but will be soon in His name and. Will. I live your Church, cant wait for Sundays because i know whats goung to happen. I use to could nit wait for Fridays to go out get drunk and all full if cocaine. its amazing how He transforms us into Jesus and all i want is more and more if Him. I can remember when i went out in the quarter to go get all full of drugs and drink and re member when those people would walk down the road with that cross. I used to say who do they think they are carrying that thing down the street. Look at me now thats all I want is the cross. All I wear is shirts of him all I listen to is music of him all I do is praise him all I am doing now is waiting to go home ans I pray I could helo others find him. He’s my rock my everything. Don’t know where I’m going but I’m going for him wherever he wants me to go. I want say thank you and I am now a branch of the vine. Getting fuller and fuller everyday. praise Him

  3. Also like to reply I am free my shackles are gone, Thanks to my Father. Free of drugs, immorality sex, alcohol,lust, the worldly things. cursing , talking about people, hurting people, making fun of people, all I want to do us Love, like my Father. He’s amazing. As you say Pastor Frank One Taste that’s all. That taste did it for me.

  4. I forgot to say the main things I have received speaking in tongues and I just began to pray in tongues. I remember people telling me your crazy about that other tongue stuff. Haha Amen. I am so excited. Praise Him

  5. I’m so glad the Holy Ghost guides us! Reading Gods Word,witness Jesus Christ to people,praying with understanding,praying in the spirit,Listening to praise and worship music,helping my parents in there old age at times,assembling together to be about the fathers business,giving my tithes and offerings to God,and etc. Don’t forget who our real King is my fellow citizens of Zion! It’s not Obama that’s for sure! Somebody better clue our president in on that important piece of info! Jesus Christ rules my fellow soldiers!

  6. A couple of nights ago, I had another dream ( I guess that put’s me totally into the old man’s club, being the 3rd or 4th dream in the last couple of years) The way it got started, as I laid down to go to sleep, someone or some couple, I can’t even remember who now, popped into my head, and I felt compelled to pray for, so I began praying in the spirit. I must have fallen into the dream almost immediately, because one minute I was praying and the next minute I was having this dream. I was standing in what seemed to be the church parking lot, and was watching large family’s of people getting out of their cars. (8,12,16 people groups) all together going into the church service. The size of these family’s got my attention, The way they were walking (like they could not wait to get in, I hate to use this analogy but like they were going to the super bowl) You could even feel the anticipation in the air, you could read it on all their faces. They were excited, they wanted to be there, and being late was not an option to them. (Praise God ) I woke up what seemed to be a second later and thought about what I just dreamed. I felt the Lord was showing me the near future with brothers & sisters, son’s & daughters, son in law’s & daughter in law’s, mom’s & dad’s, aunt’s & uncles, cousin’s, nieces & nephews, step brothers,sisters,mothers,& fathers and every other ways family’s have been created, being ” prayed in” and creating a new sense of family / church bond like as never before seen. Wow I am really looking forward to this happening. Try praying in the spirit as you lay down to go to sleep, it could open the door for some new experiences.

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