Jude 20 ¶ But you, beloved, build yourselves up on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit,

This short verse is powerful, it reminds us that effective prayer is birthed and energized by the Spirit. All of us have been bored and disillusioned by what we may call prayer, but many times, what we call prayer, has been just an exercise in human futility. All sorts of people pray, the Buddhist prays, the Hindu prays, the Muslim prays, and even new age groups engage in some form of prayer. This may sound narrow minded to some, but all of those prayers are a waste of time. Why are they a waste of time? They are just men trying to reach God in their own wisdom and effort. True prayer has to be birthed by the wisdom and the power of God. Effective prayer is based on the word of God and empowered by the Spirit of God. John Calvin spoke about praying in the Holy Ghost. Check out his powerful words.

“Praying in the Holy Ghost. The way of persevering is, when we are endued with the power of God. Hence whenever the question is respecting the constancy of faith, we must flee to prayer. And as we commonly pray in a formal manner, he adds, In the Spirit; as though he had said, that such is our sloth, and that such is the coldness of our flesh, that no one can pray aright except he be roused by the Spirit of God; and that we are also so inclined to diffidence (hesitancy) and trembling, that no one dares to call God his Father, except through the teaching of the same Spirit; for from him is solicitude (caring), from him is ardor and vehemence, from him is alacrity (cheerful eagerness), from him is confidence in obtaining what we ask; in short, from him are those unutterable groanings mentioned by Paul (Romans 8:26.) It is not, then, without reason that Jude teaches us, that no one can pray as he ought without having the Spirit as his guide.”

What an amazing truth. The Lord wants to be involved in every part of our lives, even when we pray to our Father in heaven, we pray in the name of Jesus and we pray through the power of the Holy Spirit. Even when we are calling out to him in our desperation, He becomes involved in our prayer. If you look carefully at what the Apostle Jude was saying, he said we would be built up spiritually by praying these Spirit energized prayers. The word he used meant to build a house. The house is our body, we are being strengthened by praying in the Spirit to provide a house, a habitation, for the shekinah glory of God to dwell. Think about it, we start to pray because of a need, when we do, the Spirit comes and strengthens us and energizes our prayer. What are the results? Christ is formed in us and our prayers are answered. As usual, God is glorified through this interaction and I am satisfied with answered prayer and an intimacy with Him.


  1. Praying about all things and praying in the Holy Ghost is truly empowering! Thank you my brother in Christ for reminding us about it’s importance! Also my fellow disciples remember mark 16:15-20!

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