Rom. 8:26 ¶ Likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses. For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.

Sometimes that’s all you can do, just groan. Have you ever been at the proverbial “end of your rope”? You’ve run out of people to ask for help, you’ve run out of money to pay for help, you’ve try everything you no know to do, nothing seems to help. That is actually a very good place to be, the place where you finally realize you need supernatural help. If you don’t know what to do and can’t even form the words to pray, sometimes you just need to groan. John Calvin spoke about these groanings and how they were connected to the help of God. Check out his thoughts.

“And there is great force in the Greek word, sunantilambanomai (the word translated helps), which means that the Spirit takes on himself a part of the burden, by which our weakness is oppressed; so that he not only helps and succours us, but lifts us up; as though he went under the burden with us. The word infirmities, being in the plural number, is expressive of extremity. For as experience shows, that except we are supported by God’s hands, we are soon overwhelmed by innumerable evils, Paul reminds us, that though we are in every respect weak, and various infirmities threaten our fall, there is yet sufficient protection in God’s Spirit to preserve us from falling, and to keep us from being overwhelmed by any mass of evils.”

These groanings will often be shaped and formed into heavenly words. This kind of prayer, praying in the Spirit, is the most powerful and intimate of all prayer. Think about it, we don’t know how or what to pray and then the Holy Spirit begins to work through our crying and our groaning to form beautiful heavenly words. You will not even know what you are praying because this kind of prayer does not come from your head but from your spirit, your inner man, energized by the Holy Spirit.
As you yield to this supernatural life flowing into you, you will be helped by the Holy Spirit. He will help you in your weaknesses. What kind of weakness are you facing? What has disturbed you and left you speechless? As you yield to the Lord and begin to pray in the Holy Spirit you will be surprised by the immediacy of His help. Are you struggling with immorality? He will strengthen you with moral virtue. Are you struggling with addictions? He will help you to live free from the chains of substance abuse. Maybe you have problems in your home or family, He is able to strengthen you by His Spirit to overcome any of these obstacles. Start today, better yet, START NOW. Pray in the Spirit, if you can’t do that, just groan. He will show up suddenly and everything will change.


  1. I love God and serving him more than living my own life! Too know you done wrong and watch on several occasions as God makes something positive come from it is laughable! Where we break down in our on strength he takes over and drags us across the finish line! Remember whose colors you bear my friends! When on my tour of duty in the military on several occasions while marching or running in formation the honor of carrying the colors was given to me! The coat of arms was also on the flag with the colors! Now in Gods army we as soldiers carry the ark of the Covent of God! I consider that a privilege!

  2. I find the most difficult area of my life where weaknesses take over are when I am not loving the Lord with all my heart, soul, mind, and body. Do you love Me? —John 21:17. I have loved Jesus emotionally many times, and it seems most of my life, however, I find that when I do the things I wish not to do, and don’t do the things i wish to do, my spiritual love of Jesus is lacking, thus allowing my flesh to rule rather than my spirit. And when I do pray by the utterance of the Holy Spirit, that spiritual love is enriched and strengthened to help me do what I cannot in the flesh, and that is to love Jesus with all my heart, soul, mind, and body. Good word Pastor Frank, excellent encouragement from you today. Peace my brother, Roy

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