Isaac dwelt by the well Lahai-roi.
Genesis 25:11

I love this short verse, Isaac dwelt by the well Lahai-roi. Lahai-roi means well of the Living One. Hagar and Ishmael had an encounter with God at this well but they moved on. Isaac chose to live there. That is the difference between victorious Christianity and just nominal Christianity, only those who choose to live by the well experience the fullness of God in their lives. Many people have experienced a touch from God in their lives, we all need more than just an occasional touch. We were meant to live our lives at the well of the Living One, only there can we find the kind of life we are intended to enjoy. Charles Spurgeon wrote of this well of the Living One. Listen to the words of one man who also chose to live there.

“Let us learn to live in the presence of the living God; let us pray the Holy Spirit that this day, and every other day, we may feel, Thou God seest me. May the Lord Jehovah be as a well to us, delightful, comforting, unfailing, springing up unto eternal life. The bottle of the creature cracks and dries up, but the well of the Creator never fails; happy is he who dwells at the well, and so has abundant and constant supplies near at hand. The Lord has been a sure helper to others: his name is Shaddai, God All-sufficient; our hearts have often had most delightful intercourse with him; through him our soul has found her glorious Husband, the Lord Jesus; and in him this day we live, and move, and have our being; let us, then, dwell in closest fellowship with him. Glorious Lord, constrain us that we may never leave thee, but dwell by the well of the living God.”

Many Christians approach this well of living water as just an oasis that we pass through in our journey through the desert. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to live in this desert, I want to put down roots by the well. Psalm 1 says that we can be planted by these living waters, when we are, we will have life and nourishment even in times of drought. Where are you living your life from day to day? Do you realize it is actually possible to live your life at this well, the well of the Living One? Why would one want to live anywhere else?
Ishmael, like Isaac, was a son of Abraham. If you are a Christian, you are Abraham’s son as well. Today, there are two kinds of sons of Abraham, those that live in their own strength and those who have made there home at the well. One son is never satisfied, his dreams seem to be always just out of reach. The other son is living at the well. Here he drinks living water and his soul itself is like a watered garden. Like Jesus said, this man will never thirst again.

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