Psalms 16:11 You will show me the path of life;
In Your presence is fullness of joy;
At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

All of us, from the butcher to the baker, from the politician to the drug dealer, from the professional athlete to the accountant, all of us are in the pursuit of pleasure. That’s what our hobbies are about, that’s what our careers of choice are about, it is what weekends are about. At the end of the day we are all looking for happiness. The funny thing about many Christians is this, they live in a constant state of denial. They will say that their life is about the glory of God. From that point, depending on their so called spirituality, they will have a secondary life where they allow a regimented amount of discretionary fun. In a separate spiritual category is their religious activities where God is supposedly glorified. The problem with this is that that kind of Christianity does not glorify God. Our serving of the Lord becomes our duty, in those other things is where we find our happiness. After everything is said and done, that is a great description of idolatry. We pursue joy in other things because we find no pleasure in Him. Sam Storms speaks powerfully about this in his book “Pleasures Evermore”. Here is something he said about this very dilemma.

“The glory of God and the gladness of your heart go together like love and marriage, like a horse and carriage! The glorious good news is that, contrary to what the church has been told for centuries, these are not mutually exclusive passions. If that is the case, then my principal motivation in life must be to increase my pleasure in God. In fact, my prayer every day is “Oh, God, mobilize all your power on my behalf to maximize my pleasure and delight in You.” Don’t misunderstand what I’m suggesting. I’m not saying that pleasure is put above God, nor that pleasure is God. I’m saying that our pleasure must be in God. The pleasure or satisfaction we seek is God Himself. God is not a tool for finding pleasure God is not the shovel, so to speak, with which we dig for buried jewels. God is Himself that treasure. The Christian’s pursuit of happiness is consummated when we find in God our all in all. He and He alone is our exceeding great reward. He is not a means to a higher end. He is the end.”

This discovery is where everything changes. When you find pleasure in God, in reading your Bible, in private worship, and in church; that is when everything comes alive. You experience true Christianity and it shows. You will find the happiness your heart aches for and God will receive the Glory that is due to Him. Your testimony will proclaim God’s greatness everywhere you go. This is the great discovery of life, that my happiness and God’s Glory are not two conflicted pursuits, they are actually impossible to separate.

4 Replies to “PURE PLEASURE”

  1. Great word! I recently experienced a small taste of what you’re describing. I enjoy working out at a gym several times a week. I got to the gym yesterday and couldn’t find my earbuds for my music. My heart sank for a moment as I realized what I love most about working out is the time I spend worshipping with my music drowning out everything around me while I exercise. I never realized that the time I spend worshipping was the main reason I enjoyed working out.

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