Song 5:16 His mouth is most sweet,
Yes, he is altogether lovely.
This is my beloved,
And this is my friend,
O daughters of Jerusalem!

Love demands a response. Nothing is more insulting than to ignore or thwart someone’s attempt to love you. One of the greatest fears of a young man is to let his feelings about someone be known, afraid he will be let down or rebuffed. When the feelings of affection are greater than our fears, then action is imminent. The fears of rejection bow their knee to the longing to be loved. That is the way it is with the Lord. He has gone to shocking measures to show His affection toward us. He has displayed His love through the death of His Son. What else could He do to show Himself to us? Kelanie Gloeckler has a powerful song called “Responding”. It is about the response of a hungry heart to the love of God. Check out these powerful lyrics.


Anticipation comes up with the sunrise
You’re here again, waiting for me
Relentless love is the rhythm of Your voice, drawing me closer…
I wanna worship ‘til Your heart is satisfied
All I am, I give You gladly
Letting my heart overflow to adore You, beautiful Jesus…

I will not miss this moment to… tell You I love You
You are the song of my life

I’m weak in the heat of Your glance
And I resonate under Your hand
Responding to the One that my heart loves
With the breath that You breathed into me
In the fire of intimacy
Responding to the One that my heart loves

Today’s another day to obey and surrender
Bending to hear the secrets You breathe
And You delight to see how I respond to each new revelation…
So I’m searching for language to capture Your wonder
Fold You in worship as You consume me
Ev’ry cell of me sings when I see You, beautiful Jesus…

When I see the passion in Your eyes
You make all my senses fly
In Your presence I am alive
You make all my senses fly

I love the phrase, “relentless love”, it describes the passion the Lord has for us. What seems strange to me is the casual or apathetic attitude that is prevalent toward spiritual things in our modern world. We have strong feelings about everything, that is everything except the Lord. We have strong feelings about politics, we are passionate about our football teams, we even get fired up about our food. If anyone shows passion or excitement about spiritual things people look at you as out of step or even weird. We can dance and shout for our team, but dancing and shouting in the house of God? That is considered extreme. I guess we show emotion for the things we love. That brings us back to Kelanie’s song, what can of response have you given to God’s love? What have you gotten excited about lately. I guess how we respond is not that important. What is important is that when He calls that we do respond.

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3 Replies to “RESPONDING”

  1. worship is so inportant, he loves and inhabitates our praises it also brings us so much closer to him, it can truely change every thing real fast, it will take us out of the unimportant to what means everything, Him!

  2. Thankyou Pastor Bailey~ So thankful His Love Is Relentless~ And He Wants His Place.. That First Love Place.. So Glad He Loves Us With An Everlasting Love!!~

  3. Going through a valley type situation is difficult! But when he’s with you in the valley it’s a comforting! Too sense his holy presence while going through difficult times is most refreshing! Wow! God is an awesome warrior,provider,counselor,redeemer,and etc.(In Jesus Christ’s Name)

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