Merry Tuesday by Parris Bailey
“For thy love is better than wine” Song of Sol.1:2
The Shulamite women in Song of Solomon had had enough of the world and its tastes. This was a cry and hunger deep within. After all it’s hard to kiss one more than one person at a time or be involved with other lovers, it just doesn’t work.
Andrew Miller said, “It is our privilege (and a great one) to know him in a world that passeth away, wherein we are but strangers and pilgrims, ever learning the bitterness of creature-disappointments, and the drying up of creature-streams of happiness-as the one object in whom our affections may supremely center with no danger of excess, no fear of disappointment, no possibility of coolness or variableness, in return; but rather, in whose love we shall meet with a response that shall make our love as nothing, by reason of the love that excelleth.”
It is the deep melody of hearts filled with holy love, and finding their supreme delight in its full and free expression. The wider the separation of soul, the deeper the communion, the richer the blessing. The heart is after a more direct demonstration of His love. She is occupied with Himself. Not so much with any of His qualities, or with any particular kindness she has received from Him, but Himself personally. Having Him she has all His qualities and all His kindness as she exclaims “Let HIM kiss me.” Love can only be satisfied with love.
I pray you have had enough of this world’s wine. Is. 55:1 calls out to us to “Come, buy wine and milk without money and without price.” The Holy Spirit is inviting us to drink from a starving and thirsty world. There is nothing in the Lord Jesus Christ that we could wish to have taken away from him, there is nothing in his love that is impure, nothing that is unsatisfactory. He is altogether lovely. His wine is better because it produces no ill effects. He wants us to taste and see that He is indeed good! It has been said that the love of Christ is the best stimulant of the renewed nature that can be known. Are you ready to take a drink of this exhilarating love?
This wine is without lees. People are looking for something real, there is no other love as real as His. There is no corruption is His love, His love is pure. Job 8:21,”Till he fill thy mouth with laughing, and thy lips with rejoicing.” Go ahead, put away the old wine, which has no celestial properties. Drink deeply, drink long. You can leave your bucket at the well, He can quench your thirst.


  1. I thank God my love is for the Kingdom of God! No longer does my love for the Worldly Kingdom exist! Although my flesh would say otherwise! I don’t listen to worldly music,my need for alcohol doesn’t exist,my need to smoke tobacco is gone,my need to gamble is gone,and my love for sex out of marriage is gone as well! My love now is to obey Gods word!Romans 8:26-28;9:11,23-24.Psalm 42:1;philippians 1:23.Isaiah 60:1-2;Revelation 21:11,23.

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