Is. 9:2 The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in the land of the shadow of death, upon them a light has shined.

John 1:4-5 In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.

The world we live in is shrouded in darkness. Not just the lack of light, but a darkness that effects everything. The world is clenched in a spiritual darkness that enslaves every person that comes into this world. It effects our perception of everything. Without the light that shines from the face of Jesus shining in our hearts, it is impossible for us to see. The Lord recently gave me this Christmas poem. I hope you enjoy it.


The world was cloaked in darkness

The kind that clouds your mind

The hopes and dreams from days gone by

We knew we’d never find

But the promise still reminded

Of God’s eternal plan

That in the midst of darkness

His light would shine again

It started in a meadow

Bleating sheep sounds filled the night

The dark was filled with Glory

Then singing cloyed with Light

We had never heard such singing

The joy was beyond compare

The darkness had been conquered

His love was in the air

The Light brought us to a manger

To a stable and an Inn

In Bethlehem we found the Savior

That’s where life began

At the time of Jesus birth, the land of Israel was experiencing a time of unprecedented darkness. It seemed as if the promises of the prophets, by now hundreds of years old, were just the words of dreamers without the slightest chance of ever coming true. It was in that time of chances that were slim and none that the Light began to shine. The Glory of the Lord began to shine in the meadow outside of Bethlehem. Hundreds of years before, another shepherd had sung and danced before the Lord in this very place, but even the Sweet Psalmist’s songs could not be compared to this night. The angels could not hold back their joy as they began to sing the greatest of all announcements. “Joy to the world! Today in the city of David is born a Savior which is Christ the Lord”. The darkness had been pierced by light, the world could never be the same. Christ had been born in Bethlehem. The world was being cloyed with light.

Today, we live in another time of deep darkness. It seems as if the world is permeated with a godlessness, an apathy about the spiritual realities that surround us. At times, it may seem as if the story of the birth of Christ is irrelevant, only a story from long ago. The promise of the Savior’s return to reign as a king seems to some like just another myth, a crutch for people who cannot cope with life. It all sounds strangely familiar, could it be that the Light of His Glory is about to split the sky once again? Merry Christmas. Come Lord Jesus.

3 Replies to “CLOYED WITH LIGHT”

  1. It is truly wonderful to get up this morning and receive the Word of the Lord. This scripture and poem will be a blessing through out the day .

  2. Gods word means everything to me my brothers and sisters in Christ ! His words hurt at times but that’s only because they speak the truth! Psalm 32:8 proverbs 16:22 Matthew 13:52 1corithians 4:15 2timothy 3:16

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