Luke 2:13-14 And suddenly there appeared with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying, “Glory to God in the highest,
And on earth peace among men with whom He is pleased.”

The angels were accustomed to being in God’s Glorious presence, but this caught them by surprise. The Son of God had become part of His own creation. The angels had worshipped Him for ages, but this was something quite different. They could now see the beginning of God’s glorious plan unfolding. Christ would pay the ultimate price to rescue the fallen sons of Adam, all the angels could do is sing in response. They had been amazed at the greatness of His creative powers displayed in His creation, they were daily aware of His majesty and beauty in heaven, but this was the ultimate. God’s grace was beginning to be unveiled in his plan of redemption, all the angels could do is sing. The sudden appearance of Christ as a baby born to a virgin was more than they could contain, they had to sing. Their singing awakened the sleeping shepherds, hopefully their voices  have awakened you. The angels were not even the object of God’s merciful act of redemption, if the angels are singing, what about us? Jonathan Edwards spoke about the angels singing in stunned response to God’s mercy, check out his words.

“Surely, if the angels are so astonished at God’s mercy to you, and do even shout with joy and admiration at the sight of God’s grace to you, you yourself, on whom this grace is bestowed, have much more reason to shout. Consider that great part of your happiness in heaven, to all eternity, will consist in this: in praising of God, for his free and glorious grace in redeeming you; and if you would spend more time about it on earth, you would find this world would be much more of a heaven to you than it is. Wherefore, do nothing while you are alive, but speak and think and live God’s praises.”

Much of the world lies in a spiritual state of sleep today. Like the shepherds of old, the sound of shouting and joyful worship can awaken them from their slumber. I’ll never forget the singing that first awakened me from my sleep many years ago. I was out on the lakefront in New Orleans and heard the simple songs of some teenaged Christians. They were playing simple songs on their guitars accompanied by joyful voices. Their simplicity and sincerity pierced my heart. It was those songs of joy that awakened me that night. Maybe you are asleep like the shepherds long ago, maybe this Christmas you will be awakened by a song.

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