For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given; and the government will be upon His shoulder, and His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.( Isa.9:6)
What a description of this infant king born in Bethlehem. The prophet said, “His name shall be called Wonderful”.

This word in the Hebrew language is pele’. This is a powerfully descriptive little word about the very nature of this special child. This word means ‘wonderful’, ‘supernatural’, ‘incomprehensible’, and immediately tells us about the supernatural nature of Christ and everything related to Him. Albert Barnes spoke about the wonderful qualities associated with Christ:
“Anything which is suited to excite wonder and amazement, from any cause, will correspond with the sense of the Hebrew word. It is a word which expresses with surprising accuracy everything in relation to the Redeemer. For the Messiah was wonderful in all things. It was wonderful love by which God gave him, and by which he came; the manner of his birth was wonderful; his humility, his self-denial, his sorrows were wonderful; his mighty works were wonderful; his dying agonies were wonderful; and his resurrection, his ascension, were all suited to excite admiration and wonder.”
There was nothing ordinary about His life, but His birth could only be described as wonderful. Born of a virgin, born in an animal stable, His birth was announced by angelic appearances, and signs in the heavens were seen from hundreds of miles away. He was worshipped by kings and shepherds, but despised and feared by those in positions of power. Civilization itself is centered on the birth of the child with the ‘wonderful’ Name.
The Name of Jesus Christ has always carried that supernatural, wonderful quality about it. It is by faith in that Name that we receive salvation; it is through the power in that Name that the chains of sin and addictions are broken from off our lives. There are healing qualities in His Name—everywhere He goes, people are healed from their diseases. Fear and depression are subject to that Name, and the devils themselves flee in terror at the mention of the Name of Jesus. This special season, begin to recognize and honor the wonderful and supernatural nature of your relationship with Christ. As you do, you will recognize just how wonderful He is to you on a daily basis.

One Reply to “WONDERFUL”

  1. It is totally awesome being blessed coming in and going out of this world! Jesus Rules! I don’t have to drink alcohol,smoke tobacco,do drugs,gamble,fornicate in the flesh,and commit adultry in the flesh anymore! I pray that he continues to free myself and my fellow members of Christ!

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