Heb. 13:15-16 Therefore by Him let us continually offer the sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of our lips, giving thanks to His name. But do not forget to do good and to share, for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.

I love Thanksgiving Day. I love the meal, the family gathering, the smells of turkey and pie, I even love the football. But there is something else I love even more about Thanksgiving. What is it that I love, I love to just give thanks to the Lord. It just feels right. When someone does something special for you there needs to be an acknowledgement, we have to say thank you, it’s the right thing to do. After all the Lord has done for us, we have to stop and just say thank you Lord. It just feels right.
I love my Thanksgiving memories. The one that stands out amongst all of them was the Thanksgiving feast I had in 1973, just after I had come to the Lord. Parris and I were living in Kerman, California attending Bible School. We were obviously far away from home with no chance to return for the holidays. We were invited to Thanksgiving dinner at an elderly couple’s house. They were a Pentecostal family, you know the old school holiness Pentecostals. The sweet lady wore her hair in a bun, they were really old school. Parris and I felt a little awkward going to these stranger’s house for a meal, but our fears were quickly put away. This couple opened their home and opened their hearts to us. It wasn’t long until we were caught up in old stories and some really great food, this was a real Thanksgiving feast. During the dinner and conversation I began to notice something about the old man. There was a deep joy shining out through his face. His eyes were lit up and his face had a huge smile stuck on it. It seemed every other statement was “thank you Jesus”. He said “Thank you Jesus” over and over again that day, he was unconsciously teaching me about the real meaning of Thanksgiving. Now don’t get me wrong, there was nothing forced or overly religious about his thankfulness. It came across as real. He was thankful and deeply effected by God’s love and he wanted to give thanks. When I left their house that day I was profoundly effected. Parris and I talked about that precious couple and their deep love for the Lord. We had experienced the real Thanksgiving for the first time. We would never be able to forget that day, Thanksgiving could never be the same for us, we had been impacted by another family and their love for the Lord.
The atmosphere in that house that day was similar to all of the other Thanksgivings I had experienced. There was the turkey and dressing, the cranberry sauce and the green beans. Of course there were all of the pies and various other deserts. The only difference was the atmosphere was permeated with the love of God, real giving of thanks filled the house. Thanksgiving, I learned that day, was more that fragrant food smells, there was another smell that filled the house. It was the smell of Thanksgiving coming from the hearts of those precious Pentecostals. I bet they are enjoying this Thanksgiving more than all of the rest, they are now at the real heavenly feast, before His throne, giving thanks to the Lord.


  1. yes indeed to be able to praise the lord from our hearts is every thing! He loves our praises, w e are finding out if God reigns in our hearts he will go before us in all we do, Im one of the few here that will hire black workers its still very predudis here, it has gotten better but it could improve, my workers were harased by someone that hauled our logs, that day trucks broke down or they swere late picking up our logs chainsaws broke down every thing went wrong, i was away scaleing timber on another cut but was hearing every thing on my cell phone, we fired the driver that was harasing our workers, he was a white serprimes, the lord told uas sin was in the camp, we gathered all out there and told them any man would be let go that wanted to act the way that driver did some new belivers confessed that they grew up not liking blacks, they are being changed, they had to confess and ask forgiveness since this time the crew is really coming together and all of them will be enjoying thanksgiving at our home blacks and whites, they even drink out of the same water jug at work, im thankfull on how this worked out we havent had things breakdown since that day, we have now been blessed with a new logging truck and driver that was far better than the last one, glad to haul our logs, only God can change mens hearts, its great to see this and this year im very thankful!

  2. The word in the greek for praise used in Hebrews 13:15 is αἴνεσις ainesis. The lexicon defines this word as ‘praise’ or ‘a thank offering.’ I researched thank offering and here are a few cool facts:
    • The thank-offering was one of three peace offerings. (Leviticus)
    • The thank-offering was part of the Passover Meal celebrated by Christ with his disciples at the Last Supper.
    • There are three different breads which were to be offered for the thank-offering: unleavened cakes mixed with oil, unleavened wafers anointed with oil, cakes of blended flour mixed with oil.
    • In a way these three different kinds of cakes speak of the way we need to show our gratitude – with our whole being, body, soul, and mind.
    • Sometimes we need to sacrifice to God – sacrifice pride, sacrifice emotions, sacrifice material goods, sacrifice time, sacrifice commitment. A sacrifice is not a sacrifice if it doesn’t cost us something.
    • Whenever we have something to be thankful for, let us be willing to share it with others, and to do it immediately – the same day. God loves it when we share our blessings with family and friends.
    These excerpts were taken from the website: http://www.hurtingchristian.org/PastorsSite/otherscripture/leviti7-11-15.htm

    As I read and re-read the scripture I see first the Holy Spirit saying ‘Through Him’, of course Him being Jesus. I am instructed to approach this in the spirit, which is the only way this scripture can become a reality in my life. Why would I or how else could I continually offer a sacrifice of praise to God unless I am walking in the spirit, seeing things from His prospective.
    I like the idea of it being a sacrifice. I am urged to give Him praise even when there is a cost. I might have to stop what I planned to do at that moment (my agenda) or give Him thanks in a setting that will bring ridicule from others around me (pride).
    Finally ‘praise to God’ is my acknowledging Him for who He is. This brings me to a point where the Lord is working on me daily and is another story for another day! “PRAISE THE LORD!”

    These are my opinions and I might be wrong \o/ Empty hands raised high

  3. Thankyou Pastor Frank For Writing This… I Really Appreciate Your Heart… Your Humility… I Am In Dallas… But So Want To Come Visit Victory Fellowship… As I Have Heard Sooo…. Many Good Things!! God Bless You And Your Wife… Happy Thanksgiving! ❤

  4. This thanks giving God put on my heart to bless others with a simple meal, who being bless me all this years that I being in america, I have a small cleaning and baby sitt business So I decide to cook one tipic dish(Feijoada)(black beans soap) and one desert (passion fruit and coconut pave)from BRAZIL, that is where Iam from.Today I went to house by house and delievery all the food . I did text them before I get to does houses , I had client that refuse the food just because they have a lot food at home already ,they dont know but for my culture when a Brazilian cooked for you a Brazilian meal ,you better eat!!!! hahah otherwise we feel like a insult ,that was my first text msg.I was think about to give up ,and I was think “Iam crazy why I should give people a brazilian dish on thanks giving”the a voice inside me “say keep going”so I start to give they food they was so surprise happy,some I feel like they dont know what is love,other think Iam very generous,”I say is god inside me that make do thinks like that”others I say sorry I dont know how to cook the american thanks giving dish but that is the way that I can express the greatfullness that I had to work for each people that trust me give me the key of they house and the kids for me to watch.Some told me that “I dont have anymore work for you” dont understand why I cook. they think I want get pay more.and I say that is the way that brazilian it is! “we express love trought the food that is the best day to do” on thanks giving!Them when a brazilian woman cook a feijoada(black beans soup) for you,you better eat !!!! hahaha
    I come back home thank you God for bless me so I can bless others!!!

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