Col. 2:6 ¶ Therefore as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him,

The Lord does amazing things for His sons and daughters. The miracles that He constantly performs for us, in us, and through us is endless. If you were to begin to remember all He has done in your life, beginning with your salvation, you would quickly run out of words. He is truly beyond comparison. Actually, every moment of every day is supernatural. Not only do we survive through His daily provision, He actually holds the entire universe in perfect harmony by the Word of His power. There is still something infinitely greater than all these miracles and blessings He freely gives us. What could that be? Of course it is Christ Himself, God Himself is our treasure and our greatest reward. Listen to Spurgeon’s description of this amazing gift that we have received.

“Salvation may be described as the blind receiving sight, the deaf receiving hearing, the dead receiving life; but we have not only received these blessings, we have received CHRIST JESUS himself. It is true that he gave us life from the dead. He gave us pardon of sin; he gave us imputed righteousness. These are all precious things, but we are not content with them; we have received Christ himself. The Son of God has been poured into us, and we have received him, and appropriated him. What a heartful Jesus must be, for heaven itself cannot contain him!”

I love that, “what a heartful Jesus must be”. This is exactly what Steven was preaching the day he was martyred. He said that the heavens could not contain God, how could we expect a temple to house Him. Our hearts are not only full, but they are continually overflowing with God. He Himself has become our treasure.
Too many people today are far to easily satisfied. They think if the Lord could give them a good marriage, great kids, good job, plenty of vacations, (and maybe season tickets to the Saints games) then they would be happy. The Lord may give you those things ( I am not so sure about tickets for those Sunday games, He is pretty jealous about His day) but all of those gifts combined are just shadows of the true blessing we have received in Christ Himself. He is more than enough to satisfy us. Actually, only a heartful of Jesus will be enough for us, anything else will never be quite enough. when I was about seven years old my dad built me a go-cart for Christmas. Before that, I had a firetruck that you had to pedal. I loved that firetruck until I got the go-cart. I never got in the firetruck again. That’s how it is when you see the difference between Christ and His gifts. Once you have seen the greatness of Christ Himself and have embraced Him for yourself, all of His gifts seem just secondary. You will never be satisfied with the firetruck again.


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