John 10:27-28 “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me; and I give eternal life to them, and they will never perish; and no one will snatch them out of My hand.

I have some unusual memories about my tree-planting days. I lived in the mountains of Washington and Oregon with my wife Parris and our infant son Jeremy for about seven months. We lived in a tent that was part of a tree-planting team. We were raising finances for our Bible School. One of my most profound memories came from a terrifying experience that I had. We worked with Weyerhaeuser who had an inspector that worked with our team for quality control. Sometime during our work that day the inspector heard on the radio that there had been an accident on the logging road. Later that day, he heard that the accident had been with a logging truck and a tree-planting crew’s truck. The tree-planter’s vehicle had been forced off of the road. As he got more information, we realized it was one of our trucks and it had been forced off of the mountain road. I was paralyzed with fear. Those drop offs were hundreds of feet to the river below, I knew Parris had been in that other truck making a grocery run to town for our team. That was the last information we were able to receive. Several hours passed before we could return to our camp. Of course, I feared the worst. To my great relief, the members of our team (including Parris) were unharmed, returning to the camp shortly after our arrival.
Parris and the other team members shared what had happened to them with great joy and excitement that evening. Their truck met an oncoming logging truck while rounding a corner, trying to avoid a tragic accident, our driver veered perilously close to the cliff edge of the road, the road gave way and they found themselves suspended over the chasm below, held up by a small sapling pine drive. The vehicle was teetering on the tree, strangely balanced in the middle by this baby tree. After further inspection, the truck tires actually went off the edge onto nothing, somehow suspended in air long enough to find refuge on the tree.
What actually happened that day is anybodies guess. Some would say they were very lucky. Others might say, angels were watching over them. I somehow think the hand of the Lord suspended them in space. Every time I think of this story, I remember a quote of Mark Twain that Dick Mills would often say, “You can’t drown a man born to hang”.
Actually this event was a powerful breakthrough in my walk with the Lord. I had often struggled with fear, afraid that I would lose my wife by some strange quirk of fate. In this episode I learned a little bit about God’s sovereign rule, especially over His sons and daughters. The Lord had a plan for us, nothing could have stopped God’s plan from being fulfilled in our lives. As George Whitefield often said, “we are immortal until God’s work is done”.


  1. I too can relate to this story, my wife is still with us after blood clots went threw her heart several big ones i found her at home last year unable to move but barely consious all i could say was help us lord! i picked her up put her in my truck and prayed all the way to help at the hospital, the doctors were very grim and told me few if any survive this at this stage, i knew in my heart God wasnt done with her, they flew in a specialist outside the area she couldnt be moved, he told me to think about having the family gather it didnt look good, the lord moved on my wife the blood clots made it threw her heart without one sticking ending her life, the doctors were baffeled that she survived at all, some doctors there that know the lord were praiseing him amazed we were all praiseing god, since last year the lord has used Alliene with other wemen teaching them to love their husbands and children we raised 6 kids ourselves to get close to Jesus and read his word, she is still sick with this disease but she has alot of grace on her to be able to even funtion daily, the doctors are still amazed she has lived as long as she has, this disease takes you in a few years she has survived with it since 2002 this really amazes all of us here that god still has his way in spite of doctors circumstance or anything he will have his will done with his children until he says its time and not before, no person devil or anything else can say anything different. I want to thank all of you that prayed for my wife the word went out last year and she survived so much prayer went up from all over, pray that she be healed completely love you all.

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