Psa. 139:17 How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God!
How great is the sum of them!

One of the amazing phenomenons of the twenty-first century is the social networks available to all of us. Of course there are many reasons for their success, but surely one of those reasons is the ability to find out what people think of you. We don’t want to be thought of badly, all of us want respect and love, and social networking provides an avenue for us to snoop or fish for what others are thinking (not that you ever do that). When we discover that the most incredible being of all, the Creator of all things, actually has thoughts about us, that can become quite encouraging and quite frankly, hard to understand. Charles Spurgeon spoke powerfully about this concept in his comments on Palm 139:17. Check this out.

“How great is the sum of them! When we remember that God thought upon us from old eternity, continues to think upon us every moment, and will think of us when time shall be no more, we may well exclaim, “How great is the sum!” Thoughts such as are natural to the Creator, the Preserver, the Redeemer, the Father, the Friend, are evermore flowing from the heart of the Lord. Thoughts of our pardon, renewal, upholding, supplying, educating, perfecting, and a thousand more kinds perpetually well up in the mind of the Most High. It should fill us with adoring wonder and reverent surprise that the infinite mind of God should turn so many thoughts towards us who are so insignificant and so unworthy! What a contrast is all this to the notion of those who deny the existence of a personal, conscious God! Imagine a world without a thinking, personal God! Conceive of a grim providence of machinery! — a fatherhood of law! Such philosophy is hard and cold. As well might a man pillow his head upon a razor edge as seek rest in such a fancy. But a God always thinking of us makes a happy world, a rich life, a heavenly hereafter.”

The Lord not only has thoughts about you, He literally can’t get you off His mind. Even our most beloved friends and family don’t think of us constantly. You may frequently be in their thoughts, but with the Lord, we are constantly before Him. His plans are full of grace, well thought out, eternal, and certain to be fulfilled. His plans are higher than our plans and are never disappointing. His thoughts and plans for you have a two fold thrust. First, you were chosen before the foundation of the world so that your testimony will bring glory to the Lord and also glorify His plans of redemption. Secondly, He saw you in your misery, the results of your sinful behavior, and He determined to rescue you. This rescue not only frees us from our sins, but also brings us into relationship with Him. That is the place where we find our satisfaction, our purpose, and unspeakable joy. His plan never changes. He get’s the glory, we get the joy.


  1. I was reasding jerimiah and what hit me was he told the lord im too young the lord told him before you were ever born i purposed it that you would do a great work for me, we all could have thoughts that could hinder what god has in our own lives, it could be im too old ugly or too fat moses said i stutter isaiha said im a man of unclean lips aND MANY OTHERS FELT IN ADAQUINT NOT GOOD ENOUGH WHEN THE LORD SAYS YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH I CHOOSE YOU FOR WHATEVER MY WILL IS, IM SEEING THAT THREW cHRIST hE HAS GIVEN US ALL WE NEED I HAD TO ASK MYSELF WHAT EXCUSES I MAY HAVE NOT TO DO WHAT HE WANTS SATEN WILL TELL US ALL KINDS OF REASONS WHY WE CANT, GOD TELLS US THREW HIM AND THE POWER OF THE hOLY sPIRIT WE CAN DO ALL THINGS IN cHRIST JESUS

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