Rev. 1:10 I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day, and I heard behind me a loud voice like the sound of a trumpet,

How can we possibly begin to understand the implications of being “filled with the Holy Spirit”? The Bible teaches us that the Spirit is God Himself, the unlimited, infinite, omnipresent, omnipotent, all knowing God. The Apostle John said that he was “in the Spirit” on the Lord’s day. The results of that spiritual encounter was the writing of the book of Revelations. He also described the Holy Spirit as this awesome river flowing out from the Father and the Son. The Holy Spirit actually becomes the atmosphere of the life of a Christian. Encounters with the Spirit prove to be dramatic, life changing events. Listen to A.B. Simpson’s thoughts about these spiritual encounters.

“Having given us this account of the fullness of the Holy Ghost, he next speaks of His relation to us. John says, “I was in the Spirit.” Observe he does not say “The Spirit was in me.” This is also true but the other expresses a greater truth. A Spirit so sevenfold, so vast in His resources and attributes, is too large even for the whole of the human heart, therefore, he becomes an ocean of boundless fullness in which we are submerged and in which we dwell. As we listen to the expression it seems as if we were standing beside a spring, and we drank from it until we were filled. Then it still kept flowing on until it became a pool, and then an ocean, a great and boundless flood into which we were plunged until we could find neither fathoming line nor shore, but laved [washed] and drank, until we were lost in the ocean of His infinite fullness. This is the divine conception. The Holy Ghost is the very element and atmosphere in which we live, as the mote in the sunbeam, as the bird in the air, as the fish in the sea, as our lungs in the ether whose oxygen we inhale, and on whose breath we live. Not only are we filled with the air by a single inspiration, but the air is all around us still, and we can breathe and breathe and breathe again, and yet again, until it becomes the source of our ceaseless life, and only limited by our capacity to receive it.”

Have you had a spiritual encounter with the amazing third person of the trinity? He will absolutely take your breath away. He changes you totally. He changes your view of life, your desires, your perception of God, He will create a sensitivity and a desire for spiritual reality in your heart. He makes all things new. How does it happen? Many different ways. He loves to catch us by surprise. Today, may be your day of divine visitation. All it takes from you is a willingness to yield. When He comes, you will suddenly find yourself swimming in this bottomless ocean of God’s love. Nothing else comes even close to the life swallowed up by God.


  1. We can only abide in Christ as we have a close and intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. Without Him abiding in us we are undone. I am so thankful for this wonderful third person of the trinity whom we all can depend upon to help us be more like Christ each and every moment. Our job is to yield,trust and obey.

  2. It’ was my best experience when I came to victory and struck oil so to say. I was always in and out of church but never pressed in for His prescence. It’s a whole different world for me now. It’s not a religious act that becomes a routine, its a daily refreshing for me. The Holy Spirit broke the chains of bondage to worldly desires for me. I don’t need anything or want anything. I have found something that nothing can shake. I believe the living water is the Holy Spirit as a result of the scripture that says “come and drink living water and you’ll thirst no more” . Thirsting for wordly water(desires of the world) was like running a marathon not knowing where the finish line was. My endurance for running the wordly race ran out leaving me in what felt like there was nothing to live for, never satisfied. I always said when I was younger that this church is nuts until I got slained. I couldn’t get up and was in total peace and being refined still to this day.

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