Rev. 22:17 ¶ The Spirit and the bride say, “Come.” And let the one who hears say, “Come.” And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who wishes take the water of life without cost.

One of the great works of the Holy Spirit in today’s world is to prepare our hearts for the coming of the Lord. Inside of every believer is a growing anticipation and excitement, as the Holy Spirit is witnessing to us of the nearness of the hour of His coming. I recently got home after work and sat down to watch the evening news. I kept hearing a voice coming from a different part of the house (I was the only one at home). When I was certain I had heard something, I went where I thought the voice was coming from and there was no one there. Then the voice spoke out again, “Behold, I am coming quickly” the voice said. Actually Parris’s Bible ipod had been left on that morning, was malfunctioning, and ever so often would play a random verse. What are the odds that that particular verse would be the one played when I walked into the room? I think that would fall into the category of “slim and none”. A.B. Simpson spoke about the Spirit’s role in preparing us for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Check this out.

“The Holy Ghost has given us the predictions of Christ’s second coming. It was He that whispered to Enoch the first testimony respecting the advent in antediluvian times. It was He that gave to dying Jacob his vision of Shiloh’s reign. It was He that revealed, even to double-hearted Balaam, the glory of the latter days, until he longed to have a part in it. It was He that enabled Job to speak of the day when in his flesh he should behold his living Redeemer and see Him for himself and not for another. It was He who inspired the heart of David to sing so often and so sublimely of the Prince of Peace, whose name should endure forever and whose sway should reach from shore to shore. It was He who gave to Isaiah his prophetic fire, and revealed to Daniel and Zechariah the panorama of the ages. Through the lips of the Master on the side of Olivet He foretold the fall of Jerusalem and the end of the Age.”

Every time there is a fresh outpouring of the Spirit, there is a renewed expectancy of the Lord’s return. Why would that be? I think it is because that His return is of utmost importance to the Lord. He wants us to anxiously look forward to His return. In the same way, lukewarmness is characterized by an apathetic attitude about the return of Christ. How is your spiritual temperature? Is there a growing anticipation for the coming kingdom in your heart? Maybe you are reading this devotion because the Lord is actually creating that expectancy in your heart right now. The Lord is coming soon, His Spirit is being poured out on all flesh, it’s time for all of us to join together with the Holy Spirit in His final request, “Come quickly, Lord Jesus”.


  1. Amen, Jesus is coming soon. Awake oh sleepers and prepare for the coming of the Lord. I am more excited than ever before in eager anticipation of that glorious day. Now is the time to get our hearts right. The Holy Spirit is preparing the bride. We must yield to His holy influences and promptings. Jesus is coming sooner than most think. Blessed are those whom He finds watching when He returns.

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