They shall be abundantly satisfied with the fatness of thy house; and thou shalt make them drink of the river of thy pleasures.

When my dad was still alive, our family used to go over to my dad’s house often. We enjoyed going there because my dad’s house was full of blessing. There was a full pantry and refrigerator as well as a recreation room with all types of activities. It was a fun place to go, it was safe, there was plenty to eat, it was “fat”. While we were at my dad’s house, all of the challenges in my life seemed far away. When I left my father’s house, I would feel refreshed, but I would head right back into my problems. There is a major difference with our Heavenly Father’s house, His house transcends space and time. David said that he was satisfied with the fatness of his Father’s house. What a powerful phrase, “the fatness of thy house”. David knew all that he needed; from provision to protection, from justice to mercy, from direction to correction, he could find it in the house of God. In the house of God, David would meet with God in worship and prayer, God Himself is what made the house “fat”. We can go there anytime we want, even better we can live in that house, even in the midst of our daily activities. John Gill spoke about the blessing of the Father’s house, check out his words.

“By his “house” is meant the church of God, of his building, and where he dwells; by the fatness of it the provisions there, the word and ordinances, and the blessings of grace which they hold forth; and especially Christ, the fatted calf, the bread of life, whose flesh is meat indeed, and whose blood is drink indeed, and which make a feast of fat things; and these they that trust in the Lord are welcome to eat and drink of abundantly, and to abundant satisfaction.”

What makes church this place of fatness that our souls are longing for? It’s not the building, the pews, the preacher or worship team, even though that is all part of the experience. What makes the house of God a place of pleasure beyond all earthly pleasures? Why of course it is God Himself. In the house of God we can feast on the Lord as we partake of His Word. We delight ourselves in His nourishment as we eat His body and drink His blood. Our souls are watered as we drink in the Living water.
Thinking back about those trips to my father’s house I think I finally realize what made that trip so special. At the end of the day it had nothing to do with the meals, the food in the fridge, or even the pinball machine or the pool table in the game room. What made that trip to my father’s house so special, it was that my father was there. That is the same for any child of God. What makes the Father’s house so special is that it is His house and He is always there to welcome you with open arms no matter what circumstances you are facing in your life.

4 Replies to “REALLY, REALLY FAT”

  1. Awesome word. It reminds me of how I felt at our recent conference. I’ve been attending Victory since 1987 and every time I walk in the building, I get a warm at home feeling. I believe that feeling’s from 20+ years of spending time in God’s presence there. I can only imagine what a warm and wonderful experiences await after 1000’s of years worshiping the Lord in heaven.

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