And now, finally, God answered Job from the eye of a violent storm. He said: “Why do you confuse the issue? Why do you talk without knowing what you’re talking about? (Job 38:1, 2 MSG)

As I write this devotion, there is a tropical storm dumping rain on us in New Orleans. Living in Southeastern Louisiana, that is not unusual. I guess you could say we have had our fair share of tropical storms and hurricanes. Several years ago, I had a vision while under the power of the Spirit during a worship service at our church. That vision occurred just before our city was visited with the worst national disaster North America had ever experienced, hurricane Katrina. During that vision, I saw this entire region under water, the levees had broken and the whole region was being flooded with several feet of water. During that spiritual encounter, I can remember having a sense of peace. The Lord was saying to me that this vision was not talking about a natural catastrophe, it was a picture of a spiritual flood that was coming in the years ahead. Ever since that day, every time we encounter some sort of tropical event, I remember the Lord’s promise, “In the last days I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh”.
In today’s scripture verse, we see the Lord visiting, Job “from the eye of a violent storm”. It seems the Lord loves to cloak Himself in storms, many times in the “storms of life”. Remember the story in the gospels where the disciples were stuck in a violent storm on the Sea of Galilee? Jesus came to his band of followers that night, walking on the waves in the middle of that storm. After He joined them in their boat, there was a sudden calm and they found themselves instantly on the beach on the other side of the lake.
The storm was over and they were looking into the face of Jesus.
Years later, the disciples were gathered in prayer at John Mark’s house, when suddenly there came a sound from heaven , like a rushing mighty wind. This was not like the storms they had often experienced on the Sea of Galilee, this was a different kind of wind, this was the wind of God. The whole room was filled with this wind, they were even filled with the wind themselves. “This was that” which the prophets foretold. They had been waiting for this storm all their lives. This was the mighty visitation of the Holy Spirit promised in the scriptures, this was why they were alive.
As I am writing this devotion this morning, our power just went out, just another reminder of our total dependency on the Lord. As I am listening to the sounds of the wind and the rain outside, I remember again that vision from years ago. I can see the rising flood waters in that picture in my mind, reminding me of the impending spiritual storm ready to visit our land in these last days. There is a storm coming, not just a tropical storm, but a mighty storm of the Holy Spirit. It will come suddenly and catch many people by surprise. Just as we see wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes and tsunamis, there is another kind of event prophesied in these last days. There is a storm coming like none this world has never seen. This will be the wind and rain of God’s Spirit being poured out on all mankind. There will be an avalanche of supernatural experiences. Healing, deliverance, and miracles like our generation has never seen will become almost common place. It will bring about a harvest of souls like our world has never seen before. Get ready, I hear the sound of abundant rain pouring on our rooftops even now.

6 Replies to “THERE’S A STORM COMIN’”

  1. Praying y’all get the equivalent if not much, much MORE in the Spiritual realm than in the natural realm of people recognizing God’s Power and Might and yielding to Him.. Also praying peace and protection over everyone.

  2. yes this will happen, we are seeing some of it right now but its only a drop of things to come, we will all so see a great falling away, politically our country is on a crash course of secular humanism, but in spite of it all you will not stop the lord he is going to have his way, it is so inportant to walk every day closer to what the truth is, seek him early so he has the day not us, I want to be lead by the Holy Spirit not my own understanding or anything that can get in the way, so often i fall short but the lord has made me better than i use to be on this, we will always fall short but he helps us conform more and more in our lives and more pleaseing to him, all we can do is get more of him Jesus lived to please the Father i want that in my own life, I hope and we all do that this takes place in all of us and even more so we can have the blessings of being a part of the great harvest thats going to be goin g on, more people are really questioning their lives and what it is really all about than ever before, people are hungry and many searching, it is ripe and getting riper.

  3. Storms and storms ha ha God has shown me this morning thoughts of katrina , decadence fest and his storm lee. I was looking up the meanings for these words and katrina meant pure, and lee meant meadows or fields. Purifying the fields of sin is what I see. I see God preparing the church body raising people up to prepare for a huge harvest of the city.( A purifying meadow.) A out pouring bigger then usual to impact the city. A huge harvest of lost , hurt , broken , shamed and guilty souls. I ask myself is this a taste of the outpouring it talks about in joel 2 that will take place? I feel it is. It’s logical and makes sense but I sense this with spiritual eyes and ears. Come holy spirit come!!! Huge harvest and outpouring so the lost will feel and see His grace and mercy. His love endures forever!!!

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