Luke 6:19 And all the people were trying to touch Him, for power was coming from Him and healing them all.

Have you ever experienced the power of God? That is exactly what these people experienced that day as Jesus was preaching His Father’s word. The power of God was upon Him and flowing out from Him to such a degree that many people were being healed. Many ministries today are afraid to allow the power of God to be demonstrated in their services. I suppose that some are afraid of the criticism that follows the ministry of the Spirit. Obviously Jesus, and later His apostles, were not ashamed of the power of God. It was the demonstration of the signs and wonders that caused such a great impact on their society and also brought persecution and ultimate martyrdom into their lives. Anytime we begin to move with God in the supernatural there will be those two responses. There will be many lives touched and blessed and there will be others who resist and mock the move of the Spirit. There are some interesting observations in Robertson’s Word Pictures about the power of the anointing, enjoy his comments.

“power was coming out from him – This is the reason for their continual approach to Jesus.
And healed them all, was healing all, kept on healing all. The preacher today who is not a vehicle of power from Christ to men may well question why that is true. Undoubtedly the failure to get a blessing is one reason why many people stop going to church. One may turn to Paul’s tremendous words in Phil.4:13: “I have strength for all things in him who keeps on pouring power into me”. It was at a time of surpassing dynamic spiritual energy when Jesus delivered this greatest of all sermons so far as they are reported to us. The very air was electric with spiritual power. There are such times as all preachers know.”

Have you ever been in a service when the power of God began to minister to people in unmistakeable ways? Recently I was in a service when God’s power fell in an incredible demonstration of His signs and wonders. There were several undeniable healings, a number of people baptized in the Spirit, and a whole congregation jubilant in the manifest presence of the Lord, while others were “stuck to the floor”, overwhelmed at His majestic presence. When the power of God falls amongst His people, the same things happen that have happened since the early days of the church. There will be praying in other tongues, prophetic utterances, trances with visions and dreams, shaking, crying and various other displays of spontaneous celebration. How do you know if it is real or just human emotion? The way you know is by the fruit. Are these people reading their Bibles more, is their conversation about spiritual things, has their lifestyle become more Christ like? If so, you can believe that the power of God is on display. All of us were created with a need to experience the supernatural in our lives. Without God’s power, we are left with human reasoning and the philosophies of man. Like the Apostle Paul said, “And my speech and my preaching were not with persuasive words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power.” Don’t settle for a form of godliness without His power. You were created for far better than that.

One Reply to “THE POWER OF GOD”

  1. when this is real you cant get anything better, too often it isnt real, people try to manufacture this and it cant be done, when the Holy Spirit moves there is no doubt about it, very powerful life changeing , i left a church that had people running around freaking out howling jumping up and down snot running down their faces, unfortunately it was all in the flesh, they had a zeal but it was alot of flesh, just tripped out penecostals with emotion but when the true falling of the Holy spirit hits it is so different like you said life changeing that cant be manufactured by anyone, the word will back up anything the holy spirit does god wont conterdic himself i think people mean well but emotion gets in there too often, its great to have emotion when it really is the spirit moving that is something to really get excited about when it is really real im done going to services that are zoos! but when i see the holy spirit corecting healing and changeing lives and bringing us closer to the lord and the love of each other which is our testimony, wild horses wont keep me away ill be the first in the door!

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