“But so that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins”—He *said to the paralytic, “I say to you, get up, pick up your pallet and go home.” And he got up and immediately picked up the pallet and went out in the sight of everyone, so that they were all amazed and were glorifying God, saying, “We have never seen anything like this.”
Mark 2:10-12

“How could this be God? We’ve never seen anything like this before.” Sorry to say, all of us get out our measuring sticks when something we have never seen before happens, especially in church. When Jesus forgave a paralyzed man’s sins and then healed him, there were all sorts of responses in the crowd. There was everything from joy and celebration to anger and pent up hostility. Some people were doubting and others, their faith was soaring. The ones who were angry and doubting began to voice their complaints. “We have never seen anyone forgive sin or heal the sick, this couldn’t be God.” Every time there is revival you get the same complaints. Jonathan Edwards dealt with the same attitude in the 1700’s, here is what he said about new things appearing in times of revival.
“There is a great aptness in persons to doubt of things that are strange; especially elderly persons, to think that to be right which they have never been used to in their day, and have not heard of in the days of their day, and have not heard of in the days of their fathers. But if it be a good argument that a work is not from the Spirit of God, that it is very unusual, then it was so in the apostles’ days. The work of the Spirit then, was carried on in a manner that, in very many respects, was altogether new; such as never had been seen or heard since the world stood. The work was then carried on with more visible and remarkable power than ever; nor had there been seen before such mighty and wonderful effects of the Spirit of God in sudden changes, and such great engagedness and zeal in great multitudes–such a sudden alteration in towns, cities, and countries; such a swift progress, and vast extent of the work–and many other extraordinary circumstances might be mentioned. The great unusualness of the work surprised the Jews; they knew not what to make of it, but could not believe it to be the work of God: many looked upon the persons that were the subjects of it as bereft of reason; as you may see in the book of Acts.”
Just because it hasn’t happened before, doesn’t mean its not God. In the case of present day Pentecostal outpourings, it has all happened before anyway. When the Spirit is poured out on people there is going to be a response. It may be laughter, tears, shouting, trembling, running, falling out into a trance like state, there are many kinds of manifestations of His presence. I think I will take the counsel of Jonathan Edwards, manifestations do not have to be demonic, many times they are spiritual. How can we tell the difference? Its easy. Test the fruit. The devil makes people carnal, Jesus makes people spiritual. Manifestations don’t scare me, they are the signs of His presence. You know what scares me, a cold, apathetic church where God’s presence is not welcome.


  1. Thanks Pastor Frank.I remember first time that I went up for prayer, at Victory, was on a Sunday morning when Rodney Howard Brown was visiting us for the first time.One of my friends from college wanted to ‘start going to church’ again.(I was already regularly attending) We went to the alter holding hands,Rodney looked at me and said’its time for the prodigal sons n dawtas to come home!’I was out,(we didn’t have the blue cloths yet) my friend went back to her seat. After church,we went to lunch,to this day our friendship is not the same.I was speechless!she seem upset by what happened.I had so much Peace, my whole persona had changed! Its funny how some should be open to the things of God for themselves,instead of being concerned or rather trying to figure out why others get touched n they don’t.It has more to do with a willingness to be open to receiving and responding to the power n presence of God.

  2. Yes and amen. I was “born” at Victory in the revival atmosphere. I had never been to a church like that after living my entire life in a religion. I experienced probably every manifestation there was to experience while coming to victory, especially the severe shaking, laughing and trembling -for years! I would shake at the very word “Holy Ghost”. During those episodes of shaking or laughing, I began to hear words from heaven. Very clearly the Lord would speak to me . The fruit in my life is very evident and bears witness to the life changing, heart transforming, mind renewing power of revival. I certainly could care less what people think…I have been ridiculed and insulted, shunned and ignored because of the manifestations I have experienced. But HA! I have the last laugh! My life is a song…lalala oh lalala lalal laaaa!!! All glory to God! Thank you Pastor Frank and Pastor Parris for letting the river flow. this WORLD NEEDS the truth. Hallelujah!

  3. I yearn for this outpouring to begin in Enid OK! It is SO dry here and I hate being called “that drunk lady” I want a freshness to pour on everyone…

  4. Amen! Some people just do not want to believe but for those who do highly esteem God’s presence He will greatly bless them.

  5. I can’t begin to say what Revival has meant in my life. On the outside people see one thing and there may be something entirely different going on on the inside. The Lord held my hand throughout the 90s as we walked through some pretty bad things going on around me. God is Faithful. The Revival happened in Dallas w/ the staff as my Mom lay dying in East Jefferson. I didn’t experience Revival for about 3 weeks after the first trip to Dallas. I will always be thankful for that fresh wind blowing all the “stuff” away and Jesus taking me back after 18 years of walkig with to my “First Love”. I remember writing Pastor Frank a note and thanking him for that and I thought I invented the phrase but later learned that is what many of us were feeling. I am not elderly but I have been around a while. I am so thankful to see the Lord touching the young people in whatever way He sees fit and look foward to the fruit it produces in their lives.

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