Your way was in the sea and Your paths in the mighty waters, and Your footprints may not be known.

The Lord has been pouring out His Spirit on the young people in our church recently. It is awesome to see the “twenty somethings” experience this current outpouring and then reflecting on childhood memories of the last outpouring of the Spirit. One of these young men began to describe what was happening to him. He said that it was similar to what God did in the nineties but distinctly different. The Lord is doing something new and unique to this generation. Each time there is a fresh wave of the Spirit there are similarities to previous outpourings but there is always a distinction depending on what the Lord is doing at that time. Maybe that is why David said, “Your way was in the sea and Your paths in the mighty waters, and Your footprints may not be known.” The Lord seems to be walking in the water, covering His steps as He goes. Here is what Albert Barnes said about this verse.

“And thy path in the great waters – The idea here may be, that the ways or plans of God are vast – like the ocean. Even in shallow waters, when one wades through them, the path closes at once, and the way cannot be traced; but God’ s goings are like those of one who should move through the great ocean – over a boundless sea – where none could hope to follow him.
And thy footsteps are not known – The word rendered ” footsteps” means properly the print made by the “heel,” and the print made by the foot. The idea here is, that there are no traces in regard to many of the dealings of God, which appear most incomprehensible to us, and which trouble us most, as there can be no footprints left in the waters. We should not venture, therefore, to sit in judgment on the doings of God, or presume that we can understand them.”

Many times, the ways of the Lord are past our comprehension, He has made it like that on purpose. What is the point? To stay totally dependent on Him, even more so in times of revival. Rather than trying to understand it we should receive and enjoy. The natural man wants to explain it, name it, catagorize it, and render in useless. In the nineties everyone wanted to name the outpouring. It was called by some the “Toronto Blessing” and by others “the Laughing Revival”. At the end of the day, God’s outpouring was way beyond one location (like Brownsville or Toronto). It was also way more than laughter. I admit, I laughed as much as anybody but there was way more than laughter going on. What was going on? Things like repentance from dead works, and a new passion and love for Jesus, a love for ministry, a hunger for His word, and an insatiable thirst for information about the previous moves of God. Beyond that there was a new power to preach, a new depth to prophetic utterances, there were visions and dreams, fresh power and creativity for evangelism, as well as a major downloading and releasing of creative gifts in music, song writing, and drama. The list is endless, God’s ways are past finding out. So as for what God is doing in this move, embrace it, embrace Him. Let Him take you where He wants, yield. Above everything else, enjoy. In the presence of the Lord is fullness of joy, at His right hand are pleasures evermore.


  1. I like to explain things. It implies that I understand things – I think it is pride. As a new christian I spent a lot of time and energy trying to figure everything thing out. It is better said ‘ I wasted a lot of time trying to figure everything thing out.’ I am slowly being taught to JUST do what I am lead to do and let God handle the rest. He is more than capable!
    I really liked the testimony of one of the young adults last night when she said her message from God was something along the lines of ‘shut-up – stop trying to figure it out!’ PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!
    This world creates situations that vie for my attention and time. Even now, as many times as God has covered my back, carried my slack and freed me to enjoy that which He has predestined for me to do – I admit I still lose focus. He is introducing me to ways to train my mind to TRUST Him more. Only then can I hope to do as suggested in this blog; “embrace it, embrace Him. Let Him take you where He wants, yield. Above everything else, enjoy.”

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