Rom. 8:11 But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you.

The Lord came down in our services this Sunday night, He always does but this was quite different. I knew we were in for a different night when I saw the girls from Mary’s Song getting out of their vehicles about an hour before church. They were singing and shouting in tongues, some of them appeared to be quite drunk ( drunk in the Spirit, a different kind of drunk than what they used to experience). As time for service began to draw near, the noise coming from the sanctuary was intensifying. You see the Mary’s Song girls stayed at it and were joined by many of the young adults who had been away at their retreat, the sound and feel of revival was in the air. As the worship started, the praying, singing, and celebrating intensified, God was in the house and there was no ignoring it. The service consisted of video clips from 1994, testimonies from the young adult’s retreat and worship, lot’s of worship. After the testimonies, Zach and Heather Prosser (two of our pastors) led a team of young people laying hands on the congregation, that’s when it really got messy. Shouting, crying, laughing, trembling, repenting, all of this happening in a supernatural disorder that was actually His divine order for the night. The singing and worshipping went on for hours (I think it ended around 11 pm), lives were being changed, nothing else seemed to matter.
Halfway through the second round of worship, another worship band stepped in so that the first band could receive prayer. The band had been singing Kelanie Gloeckner’s song, “Resurrection Power”, that song seemed to capture what the Lord was doing and is doing amongst us. The song only has a couple of lines that are repeated again and again, we must have sung that for an hour. Here are the words to that song, maybe they are for you today.

“Hallelujah- I am free
Sin and death have no hold on me
We’ve got Resurrection Power
Flowing on the inside”

You see the Resurrection power of Jesus is very real, one encounter with this power and everything changes. This power quickened the dead body of Jesus after He had been laying in the grave for three days. That same anointing quickens our inner man who is spiritually dead, enslaved in our sins. The life changing, life giving resurrection power awakens us from our sleep of death, and then it transforms us into new creatures. We are no longer the same, we actually become sons and daughters of the most high God. This same power quickens our physical bodies. Like Paul taught in Romans 8:11, this power brings life and healing to sick or injured bodies. This same power will transform our dead bodies at the the great day of the resurrection of the dead in Christ. Suddenly, without warning, graves all over the world will give up their dead as the sons and daughters of God are are caught up to be with the Lord in the air. In a moment of time we will be changed, our bodies will be made like His in an instant. These outpourings are just a taste, an awesome taste, of what is to come. Jesus is coming back, He is pouring out His Resurrection power to get us ready.


  1. “Wow what’s happening up in ya at Victory Fellowship-School Kids gone wild!Jesus Freaks all over the place almost midnight!!”
    22 hours ago via BlackBerry · ON SUNDAY NIGHT!!~~~~>

  2. I sent this email yesterday to some brothers and sisters in Christ!



    Empty hands raised high,
    Mark Stephen

  3. Today I kept the house quiet. As the day wore on, I could hear from a far distance, this song in my head. So I texted those words to my friend. Then I check the blog and I am totally confident God is reving me, us. Come Lord Jesus!

  4. Wow what a night! I sense just the beginning of fresh awesome
    ” new things” He is doing! There is definitely a sound to Revival and that sound is being heard again ! There is definitely a result of true Revival and that result is CHANGE in the heart of the reciever!!! All I can say is Thank You Jesus!! And WOOOOO! Hahahahahahaha!

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