Whom have I in heaven but You? And besides You, I desire nothing on earth. My flesh and my heart may fail, But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

We have been created in the image of God, that carries with it some unexpected surprises. Have you ever thought about the God-sized hunger for happiness and love that is inside of all of us? Inside of every human is an enormous desire for joy, or pleasure, but unlike the Lord, our desires have been twisted by the fall. We carry in us this frustrated, misguided hunger that pushes us into places we never thought we would go. Much of this passion is aimed at other humans (mostly of the opposite sex) that can never satisfy this God-sized hunger that we have churning in our belly. The good news is this, through the awakening of our souls, by the grace of God, this yearning begins to turn toward Christ. When that happens, this troubling passion becomes a blessing. It’s force is not diminished, it is just redirected. The object of our affection becomes the One who is Altogether Lovely. Jonathan Edwards spoke about this spiritual hunger for love, pay close attention to his comments.
“Love desires union. They shall therefore see this glorious God united to them, and see themselves united to him. They shall see that he is their Father, and that they are his children. They shall see God gloriously present with them; God with them; and God in them; and they in God. Love desires the possession of its object. Therefore they shall see God, even their own God. When they behold this transcendent glory of God, they shall see him as their own. When they shall see that glory, power, and wisdom of God, they shall see it as altogether engaged for them. When they shall see the beauty of God’s holiness, they shall see it as their own, for them to enjoy forever. When they see the boundless ocean of God’s goodness and grace, they shall see it to be all theirs.”
These word of Edwards make absolutely no sense to the unsaved, there is no attraction to the Lord in the lost. To those who are experiencing spiritual stirrings in their soul, He becomes simply irresistible. Like Edwards says, love desires union. What do you love? The object of your affection is ultimately what you will be joined to in this life and the life to come.


  1. Good stufF TO THINK ABOUT TODAY AS we go forth, we all know only the Lord can fullfill us, other stuff can pull us away if we allow it, or it can influence us from seeing what we need to be looking at, this i know for myself be prayerfull on what i dwell on though out the day is there any vertue, praise or godlyness in what im thinking about? or is it garbage? any faith or is it flesh? will my day bring me closer to the lord or hinder my life with him? do I really love others in his love or not? if im going to have a relationship with the lord thats right with him and pleaseing I know I have to ask him daily to help me walk accordingly and for lots of grace to be able by his strenth not mine. ask and we will receive if its according to his willhe will bring it to pass, if we want to be closer to him we can ask we can ask him anything,

  2. I really like the comment by Edwards, When they shall see the beauty of God’s holiness, they shall see it as their own, for them to enjoy forever. I take that as more than just a gift or something to be clothed in, but rather as a transference that takes place at our daily death, and we are made aware of, as we fill ourselves with His Spirit. When we can see the beauty of God’s holiness in our mirrors, its very overwhelming.

  3. Awesome word as usual. That’s really the core of our faith. Anything else is just empty religious exercises. The desire for union with Christ is the ultimate goal of the true Christian. Phil 3:10-12

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