that our old self was crucified with Him, in order that our body of sin might be done away with, so that we would no longer be slaves to sin; for he who has died is freed from sin.

When I was a child, I remember seeing an entertainer on television by the name of Jimmy Durante. He was quite popular and was even imitated in many cartoons that I remember from my childhood. He was famous for his quotes, “I’ve got a million of ’em”, one of which was “I am mortified”. That phrase is not used so much today but, when it is, it means something like extreme embarrassment or offense, taken literally, it means to put to death. This word, mortification, was a very common word used by the leaders of the protestant reformation. It was a word connected to the continual change that takes place in a Christian’s life, putting to death the old life and lifestyle.
When someone is born again, there is quite a change that takes place. Not only are we forgiven for our past, but a new life begins for us. Christ comes to live in our hearts by faith as we begin to taste the first fruits of the heavenly kingdom. Part of our inheritance is reserved for that great day when Christ returns for His people, until then, we still live in our natural body with natural tendencies that are at war with the kingdom of God. So what is the solution, we have to be mortified. We have to be disgusted with the natural world and its carnal fantasies, we have to be tired of living the natural life like all of the lost people all around us. From that place of utter disgust with the worldly life we begin to look to the cross. We come to the cross, not only for forgiveness, we come to the cross for mortification. Like the Apostle Paul said, “I have been crucified with Christ”. That truth continues the process of mortification in our lives. I have been crucified with Christ, from this day I need to consider myself dead to sin and alive to God. The word of God becomes the tool we use to apply this truth of mortification in our lives. Search the scriptures about the cross, apply them to your life today. Like Jesus said, “If anyone comes after Me, let him deny himself, pick up his cross daily, and follow me”.
So are you mortified? Are you disgusted with the old ways? If so, mortify yourself with God’s word, yield yourself to God’s plans for your life. Explore the meaning of Jesus’ words, “Deny yourself and pick up your cross and follow me”. Only someone who can really say, “I am mortified”, has learned how to live their new life.

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  1. I remember Brother Frank telling me this along time ago when I was a young beleiver at Gods Army, he poured me a cup of coffee and showed me that in the word on dyinging and killing our lives in the natural, I sorta understood it then but over the years I really understood it more, many times I thought on that morning Frank was shareing this truth with me, We die so we can live, what a contrast! goes past our way of thinking just like all things in the Lord. I pray to put on the mind of Christ in all. I know if by Gods grace that I enter in ill understand it all by knowing Him and my life will truely belong to him, I have found for myselve all garbage or good starts with my thoughts, if Christ has my mind and my heart good is the resalt but on my own I know id fail him and miss out on my relationship with him and others.

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