Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.

Have you ever been really hungry? We all talk about being hungry, but most of us don’t miss many meals. In other times and in other lands, it is not so. Many people face hunger on a regular basis, the kind of hunger that nothing else matters, the kind of hunger that can’t think of anything else. Your life is in jeopardy and you have to have food, you have to get it now. Most of us have never experienced that kind of desperation. That is the kind of hunger Jesus was talking about. He said when you hunger after spiritual reality like your life depends on it you will be satisfied. Jonathan Edwards spoke often of spiritual hunger, listen to these words.

“Such a holy desire, or thirst of soul, denotes a man truly blessed: Matt. v. 6. “Blessed are they that do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.” And this holy thirst is connected with the blessings of eternal life: Rev. xxi. 6. “I will give unto him that is athirst, of the fountain of the water of life freely.”
The scriptures speak of holy joy, as a great part of true religion. So it is represented in the text. And as an important part of religion, it is often pressed with great earnestness; Psal. Xxxvii. 4. “Delight thyself in the Lord and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.”

Most of us don’t know what satisfied is in the spiritual world. To be satisfied with God, that is the greatest joy available to man. When spiritual satisfaction settles into your soul, your longing for the carnal delicacies of this world begin to weaken, you are content with God. But that is when the real hunger for more settles in. You will be satisfied in regard to the things of this world, but eating spiritual food awakens a hunger that is healthy, you know there is more. From that day you become a strange contradiction, satisfied but hungry, content but desperate. You have lost your appetite for worldly pleasures but that other kind of appetite, the one that needs Him has been awakened in your soul. From this day you are that living irony, full but hungry. Only those who have feasted at His table can possibly understand.


  1. Some thoughts on righteousness: the scriptures Romans 10:3 comes to mind. This introduces that to man there are two different righteousness; that of man (his own) and God’s. Romans 10:4 goes on to define the only true righteousness, God’s righteousness, available in faith in Christ Jesus. I only bring this up to clarify one must seek after the righteousness of God, not man.
    I understand fully about being satisfied yet wanting more. Of course understanding something and explaining it are two different things. The way I see it, the satisfaction ‘is not wanting anything else’, but rather knowing the source of your satisfaction.
    Prior to my salvation I was in pursuit of satisfying this indefinable need or want inside me. I tried a little of this and a little of that. When a little would not do, then more of this and more of that, always searching for something new to tickle my fancy. Then 1/24/2005, 7:15PM rolled around and my search ended.
    I found that which satisfies my soul. Now instead of spending time and energy searching I spend time and energy in the presence and word of God. I don’t want anything else but I want more. This is the kind of truth that has many of my old friends shaking their heads at me. I pray one day they too will understand this paradox; “full but hungry”!

  2. Many moons ago I was a dining Buffet Buffoon seeking out buffets especially while in medical school, not married and not wanting to do the grocery, cooking and cleanup chores.

    I would eat one meal a day with usual excessive engorgement.Truly a sin of physical overindulgence. Luckily, I can remember only one physical illness which incurred after eating too much Mexican food by raising Poncho’s Flag way too many times.For 3 years I couldn’t look at a taco or burrito without mentally burning Poncho’s Flag.

    Yet, the awesome soul filling nature of the Holy Spirit can immediately and completely displace all such physical cravings and addictions. It is always accessible and is present in buffet – like quantity, as long as one stays in God’s Will. Its quality is always Perfection as the Master Chef never changes Its ingredients. Present on a 24/7 table one does not have to ever over engorge, but should it happen just lay there slain and a brother will help you up in Joy. Overfilled ? No problem, don’t worry about any aversion to experiencing Its Joy again.

    Speaking about hunger, I’m HUNGRY this weekend not just for a portion of the Holy Spirit but for complete INTOXICATION of Its Joy at the Feed the Multitudes. See all you brothers and sisters there and bring your insatiable Spiritual appetites. And please don’t be shy, take -out some Spirit back to your friends and relatives not able to attend !!!!

    In His Light and Love, Curiousgeorge

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