‘And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil.”

Stuff happens. There is plenty of bad stuff to go around for everybody. There is physical sickness, emotional struggles, marriage problems, financial woes. Then there are stuggles with work, issues with our children, political problems; need I say more. You get the picture, something went wrong in our world, obviously a good God never intended for us to experience all the pain and trauma that comes directly from our fall from favor with our God. In the model prayer, the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus taught us how to deal with evil, bring it to God. A.B. Simpson had plenty to say about this phrase, “deliver us from evil”. Here is a portion of his comments on this verse.

“There are many forms of evil which do not come from the evil one. We have as much cause to pray against ourselves as against the devil. And there are physical evils covered by this petition as well as special temptations. It is a petition, therefore, against sin, sickness and sorrow in every form in which they could be evils. It is a prayer for our complete deliverance from all the effects of the Fall, in spirit, soul and body. It is a prayer which echoes the fourfold gospel and the fullness of Jesus in the highest and widest measure. It teaches us that we may expect victory over the power of sin, support against the attacks of sickness, triumph over all sorrow and a life in which all things shall be only good and work together for good according to God’s high purpose. Surely the prayer of the Holy Ghost for such a blessing is the best pledge of the answer! Let us not be afraid to claim it in all its fullness.”

What kind of “evil” are you facing today? Are you facing depression or sickness? Are you staring at financial crisis or marital failure? Maybe you are worried about your children and their role in this world. This prayer gives us the sure way out of our dilemmas, “Deliver us from evil”. Today, we have a refuge from the storms of life and the “evil” that Jesus spoke of. We can bring our requests to the Lord, knowing that He hears us and will speedily bring us our answer. Don’t hesitate, no need to be overcome with worrying about the troubles of life. Call upon the name of the Lord, “Our Father, who are in heaven, hallowed be your name. Deliever us from evil, show your glory as you overthrow every weapon that has been formed against us”.


  1. Theologians seem to differ on the meaning of the word ‘evil’ in this passage. Generally stated, the discussion is over whether this word indicates evil in general or the evil one, the devil.
    Not being a theologian with any worldly credentials I offer this thought. I love the bigger picture. How awesome to enter into prayer with our Father. Our request for Him to deliver us from evil is awesome, whether it is ‘the evil one’ or the evil of carnal man. That is asking for what He wants to do. Yet I believe that entering into His presence, prayer being one way of entry, begins that deliverance process. Light and darkness cannot coexist.
    Of course I speak of true prayer, not just mouthing words but sitting down with Him and having a face to face encounter (fellowship/relationship). Not just giving Him a request list but rather having an interactive conversation. During these intimate times I find my carnal reactions, thoughts and feelings giving way to Him. I have peace and before long, JOY! As I saturate in His presence, all the benefits of His presence begin to affect me. Carnality yields, I yield and the offences of this world grow distant.
    At the moment of salvation I received the keys to God’s throne room. Through fellowship with my brothers in Christ and being discipled I have learned that I can go in His presence 24/7, “Don’t hesitate”. Relationship with His creation is what God wanted all along and that relationship with Him is what we desperately need.
    I was speaking to a brother in Christ yesterday concerning prayer and how sometimes I head to God with a list. After sitting with Him for a while my list gets abbreviated to the one most important item – a closer relationship with Him, for I am persuaded that everything I need is in Him; deliverance, healing, direction, strength, patience, peace, love, and so on!
    If your not careful you may find yourself going to Him in good times as well as times of need!

  2. Frank; all these things U speak of, r the result of man falling into the ways of the world and holding that to be the better life. What does it matter what A B Simpson says. He is of this world.
    I would rather seek Christ’s opinions, and follow his wise words rather than any one in this world. Rom 12:2. And if U want to truly gain in understanding of God’s word, all meaning is in His word, and not in the quoted words of men in the world. Prov 3:3-14 Truly, the only reason to look at another man’s thoughts, would be, not to gain knowledge of God, but rather to gain understanding in that person’s thought process.

    1. Pastor Hebb, assuming you are a pastor, I must conclude you are quite educated in the things of God. I wonder, has every insight you have, come from Christ’s opinions strictly, revelation from God, or have you gained insight through discussions of God’s word with men, teachers? Cannot said teachings be in written form or as you stated, “the quoted words of men”? These “quoted words of men” may very well be the thoughts or insights gained through revelation while studying the word.
      I can see the danger in swallowing the opinions of men as truth and why one should be diligent in his or her study of God’s word to identify false teachings.
      There are many men of God that are used by God to edify His church and I find it hard to believe that they merely quoted Christ’s words. I site Acts 19:9-10 as an example.
      May I boldly add, what Christ spoke was truth not opinion. This is clarification to your statement, “I would rather seek Christ’s opinions”.
      As a pastor I imagine you teach the word of God and as you explain and expound on the Word of God are those not to be considered your opinions. Following the logic you set forth in your response to this blog you seem to undermine the authority you have been given by God, or even worse in the estimations of King David, the undermining of God given authority of a man of God.
      I must also conclude by your statement, “the only reason to look at another man’s thoughts, would be, not to gain knowledge of God, but rather to gain understanding in that person’s thought process”, that you were here, at this blog, merely to gain a better understanding of the thought processes of men. A horrific waste of your time since you state “I would rather seek Christ’s opinions, and follow his wise words rather than any one in this world. Rom 12:2. And if U want to truly gain in understanding of God’s word, all meaning is in His word, and not in the quoted words of men in the world.”
      I am here to listen or read the thoughts of fellow Christians as I gain knowledge of God. Their knowledge and experience may very well guide me in the path God has predestined for me. I am sorry that I have taken this time to engage your response in light of Paul’s words in 2 Tim 2:16. I do hope no one will see our discussion and be dismayed and disillusioned away from striving for a deeper understanding of God due to our idle chatter. I wanted to give my opinion, that other brothers and sisters are not led to discount the quoted words of men of god merely because they are “the quoted words of men”. / Empty hands raised high.
      Legal disclaimer: Any views or opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this [blog].

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