“Pray, then, in this way: ‘Our Father who is in heaven, Hallowed be Your name.”

“Father”, inside of every human is the need and the longing for a father. This generation has been labeled many things, one of the most alarming is “fatherless generation”. From divorce to alcoholism, from skewed ambition to just plain selfishness, the children of this generation have been robbed of their fathers. That is why this cry, “Our Father” is so riveting. Once someone is born again, this need for a father is met by our Heavenly Father. This cry, “Our Father”, is the cry of acceptance, we have been purchased by the blood of His Son, we are now sons and daughters of God. A. B. Simpson spoke about this opening cry in the Lord’s prayer, pay close attention to these powerful words.

“It is not the cry of nature to an unknown God, but the intelligent converse of a child with his heavenly Father. It presupposes that the suppliant has become a child, and it assumes that the mediation of the Son has preceded the revelation of the Father. No one, therefore, can truly pray until he has accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior and received through Him the child-heart in regeneration, and then been led into the realization of sonship in the family of God. The Person to whom prayer is directly addressed is the Father as distinguished from the Son and the Holy Ghost. The great purpose of Christ’s mediation is to bring us to God and reveal to us the Father as our Father in reconciliation and fellowship. It is not wrong to address the Son and Spirit in our hearts. The name suggests the spirit of confidence, and this is essential to prayer.”

Have you received the “child-heart” that Simpson was speaking about. What is that child-heart? It is the Spirit of sonship, it is that new nature you received as you opened your heart to the Lord. If you have, you can join together with Christians from every tribe and tongue, and every theological persuasion crying out “Our Father who is in heaven”. As we join together in this place of prayer, we find our identity and our family. What is my identity? I am a child of my Heavenly Father. Who is my family? Those who have met this gracious Heavenly Father. Our Father, who is in heaven, HALLOWED BE YOUR NAME.

4 Replies to “FATHER”

  1. Dear Pastor Frank and Pastor Jeff;

    Yesterday I posted comments thanking Parris and Pastor Frank for their morning blogs and commented that such blogs and reply posts to me are like a “splash of the Holy Spirit in the morning”, a phrase I picked up at Angola several years ago attending a very Spiritual graduation of inmates from the prison’s Southern Baptist Seminary College. The theme of the commencement speech was daily splashes of the Holy Spirit given by the President of the College, was very moving and the Holy Spirit was there overflowing that memorable day in the perfect field of repentant sinners.

    I appreciate you all stating that such a morning blog is not “true” Christian Fellowship and that “true” Fellowship is only attainable by personal relationships with fellow brothers and sisters which I wholeheartedly agree. I belong and serve my church as a lector, participate in Feed the Multitudes and attend some of Victory’s retreats( in fact I finished second with my nephew and brother, Mark Planchard, in the last Northshore golf outing only to lose by one stoke on that hilly course to no other than semi-pro Pastor Frank’s group).

    For my own info if thebaileydrink is not a form of Christian fellowship of sharing the Word, through the great communicator, the Holy Spirit ,with other brothers and sisters, than exactly what is the Spiritual nature of it ?

    1. Hi Curiousgeorge:

      I’m not quite sure U understand fully my comment. A computer can be a wonderful tool in showing many who God is. We can show many, His Spititual nature, and ours.We can spread His word across the world with a simple stroke of a key. But what we cannot have on this machine, is a personal relationship. Computers have no personality, and don’t show emotion. To Fellowship, requires pesonal involvement. Spititual and emotional involvement that cannot be seen or felt thru a computer.
      A computer is an is simply a tool. Don’t let this tool take away your personal connection to people.

      God Bless!

  2. Hi Pastor Jeff, Thanks for your thoughtful response. However,I’m convicted in a loving, Christian brotherhood way to have to agree to disagree with you. As I believe that all the written letters of Paul transmitted by horseback, boat and I’m sure brotherly couriers on foot were and still are Fellowship tools of the Holy Spirit. I’ve never met Paul but I personally know his Spiritual heart , as well as the Heart of the Father and His Son through Paul’s Holy Spirit inspired writings. That was the reason the Lord left us the Holy Spirit because he could not be physically and personally intimate with each and everyone of us for hundreds of generations.

    Paul poured out not just his physical emotion but all his Spiritual Love in his letters; and not to just his fellow disciples but to all the members of his upstart churches which he had never personally met,including you and me. Paul’s letters were filled with the infinite Love and Fellowship of the Holy Spirit.Just as the hundreds of letters which I wrote for years to and for many Angola inmates were and are also a form of Christian fellowship. As both I , as well as Paul, could not fellowship person to person with certain other Christian brothers outside of our community churches on a frequent basis.

    You opine above that “Spiritual and emotional involvement can’t be seen or felt through a computer”. Boy, I must be blessed and privileged cause I really do, in fact I’m emotionally in a very Spiritual way experiencing that as I type. Are you saying you can ‘t see or feel Paul’s Spiritual heart or have a personal relationship with the Heart of the Father and His Precious Son through Paul’s written words inspired by and through the Holy Spirit ? Computers also convey written words which if formulated in and with the Fellowship, Wisdom, Love and Comfort of the Holy Spirit have to be regarded as equal tools of the Holy Spirit. Computers just do it faster today than what Paul and I have done before in written letter.

    I agree, the computer does not take the place of personal fellowship contact. But if Paul had only relied on personal fellowship via his own mouth, legs and physical hugs and not by letter, especially at a time of Roman civilization with a Godly provided network of roads for letters to travel, perhaps you and might not be Brothers in Christ today.

    Anyway Pastor Jeff, I can’t see you but I love you just the same for taking your time to enter into a Spiritual discussion of the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit and the various tools which it has used through the ages to spread the Love of the Father. I’ve enjoyed the Spiritual discussion, especially the emotional Fellowship of it , and I’ll be personally seeking you out at Feed the Multitudes to vigorously shake your hand and give you a big, brotherly hug.

    In His Light and Love, Curiousgeorge

  3. Hi Curiousgeorge:

    Remember, that Paul started those Churches, and already had that personal connection. Also remember that it is only thru your spiritual connection with our Heavenly Father, that
    U can feel your connection to Paul. Every spiritual connection, is of our Father, and thru Christ. That is Faith. I am unable to attend feed the multitudes because I have very poor eysight, and don’t do well in crowded forums. It saddens me, as I enjoyed helping with that. But I will be thinking of all who r serving there.

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