“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

All of us are looking for happiness, or like Jesus said, blessedness. Every person and every creature in God’s creation are looking for their version of pleasure. The bird is looking for his worm, the cat is looking for it’s rat, the beagle is baying for it’s rabbit, all of us are looking for something. With humans it gets more complicated, because of our fallen nature, the pursuit of joy has taken on some twisted characteristics. The drunk is looking for another drink, the unfaithful man looking for happiness in the arms of “another woman”, and the depressed wife is looking for relief in her bottle of pills. All of us are looking for the same thing, the question is, “Where can I find this happiness that will last?” This was one of Jonathan Edwards’ favorite topics, some think he knew only about hell, but Edwards also knew about the pleasures of God. Here is an excerpt from his sermon, “Blessed Are the Pure in Heart”.

“We never can find anything here below that shall make us so happy, but that we shall have grief and pleasure mixed together. This world, let us make the best of it, will be spotted with black and white, varied with clouds and sunshine. And to them who yield their hearts to it, it will yield pains as well as pleasure. But this pleasure of seeing God, can suffer no mixture. For this pleasure of seeing God is so great and strong that it takes the full possession of the heart. It fills perfectly full, so that there shall be no room for any sorrow, no room in any corner for anything of an adverse nature of joy. There is no darkness that can bear such a powerful light. It is impossible that they who see God face to face, who behold his glory and love so immediately as they do in heaven, shall have any such things as grief or pain in their hearts. When once the saints are come into God’s presence, tears shall be wiped from their eyes, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away. The pleasure will be so great, as to fully and perfectly employ every faculty: the sight of God’s glory and love will be so wonderful, so engaging to the mind, and it shall keep all the powers of it in such strong attention, that the soul will be wholly possessed and taken up.”

Joy is a funny thing. Sometimes it is found in the strangest and most unexpected places. Maybe you have been looking for happiness and it seems to be just out of your reach. Maybe it is because you are created in the image of God and nothing in this earthly realm can ever get the job done. Maybe the worm works for a bird and the rabbit for the beagle but you are not so easily satisfied. What will work for you. You will be satisfied when you behold the beauty of the Lord, nothing less will do.


  1. A child of God knows this scripture to be true. Taking a second look at it I can see how the ‘lost’ can be discouraged by it in that they focus on the qualifying statement, “the pure in heart”. They know what children of God also know, that is not humanly possible to be ‘pure in heart’. No man or woman is without a problem or two (sin). That being true, how anyone takes comfort in this scripture is foolish.
    Those that have yet to seek Him, have yet to know His grace. He justifies, His grace makes us ‘pure in heart’.
    Romans 3:23,24 comes to mind; (NASB) for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, being justified as a gift by His grace through the redemption which is in Christ Jesus;
    How crazy. He provides the grace to make us ‘pure in heart’ then we see Him. The English word used here is ‘see’ yet it is so much more than just visual. The Greek word is ὁράω (horaō). The Lexicon defines this word as: to see with the eyes; to see with the mind, to perceive, know; to see, i.e. become acquainted with by experience, to experience; to see, to look to; to take heed, beware; to care for, pay heed to; I was seen, showed myself, appeared.
    Oh Yeah, that pretty much sums up the very beginning of my life in Christ, my salvation. I was made pure in heart and then He met with me! Thanks for the good word to crank up my day!

  2. As I am doing a few things around the house I couldn’t help but keep thinking about today’s blog and this specific segment, “All of us are looking for happiness,”. I can remember in my life past, always in pursuit of a good time. I woke up with the intent to plan on how to have a good ole time. When was I going to hook up with my friends? What would we do today? How could I enjoy myself to the utmost?
    Seeking God seemed to point me in the wrong direction. I mean, really, all the rules and the ‘can’t does’, Can’t do this and can’t do that. How could I enjoy myself like that? So I went in the opposite direction. I pursued happiness in worldly things; possessions, happiness through intoxication (let the good times roll) and over the edge activities.
    I finally found happiness in the most unlikely place. In fact the word ‘happiness’ just not do justice to the treasure I found. It was right where I knew it could not possibly be found, in God. Not too long ago there was a blog that included a quote that went something like this, our duty is our joy! WAHOO – who would have thought? Yep – those I ‘can’t does’ are really I’d rather Him than these other things!
    Father continue to change me that I die to self, that the attractiveness of this world no longer has the slightest foot hold in this life of Yours.

  3. This is the only occasion where that slang of our day works….OMG !!!! Can ya hardly wait for the moment when Jesus is before us….SUDDENLY…….ha ha ha ha ah …..and the bride says Come Lord……….sha bah sath su masssss ela tu capa niahh !! (call me for the interpertation)

    cathy p

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