Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you. On him God the Father has placed his seal of approval.
John 6:27

Jesus is beginning to prepare His followers for the day He would be gone. They were clinging to Him for the physical miracles, totally missing the real reason He had come. Jesus had come, not to feed our bellies, but to feed our soul. It is so easy to get stuck, looking only for help in the physical world, oblivious to the real help that He is offering us. The Lord was telling His disciples about “spiritual food”, His body and his blood. He was teaching us the importance of the “true bread” that comes down from heaven. Martin Luther taught about this spiritual food, listen to his words.
“In this passage, Christ compares what perishes with what endures forever. If we were truly concerned about this difference, we would keep holding on to what is eternal and stop clinging to what is temporary. Christ is saying here, “If I were to give you right now the type of things you already have, such as the bread you get from the baker, and if I were to give you enough of it to satisfy the entire world, how much would it really help you? If I had more wheat, barley, oats, money, and property than the richest person in the world to give you, what would be gained? I would have food to give you, but it would be perishable food that wouldn’t last forever.” Christ, however, is saying that everything we own is perishable and that we should willingly give it all away in order to get eternal food. But in this world, we tend to be more concerned about what will pass away than what will last forever. We grab for a handful of food and end up letting go of the gospel.”
Have you ever tasted the heavenly bread, after all, man does not live by bread alone. Once you get a taste for this new food, everything will begin to change. My wife, Parris, has introduced me to a new physical food in the last couple of years. I was reluctant at first, don’t mess with my gumbo, but have been converted to this new lifestyle. The more I eat healthy food, the more my body craves it. Maybe there is a spiritual lesson there. Maybe this new heavenly food will be more pleasurable and addictive than you could ever know.


  1. There is no “maybe” about the pleasures of the Holy Spirit and how it helps us digest His Word and encourages us to exercise our Faith and walk the eternally healthy, narrow road day after day . But Pastor, you forgot the ‘biggy’ – no calories to count !!

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