“But let me run loose and free, celebrating God’s great work, Every bone in my body, laughing, singing, “God, there’s no one like you.”
Ps.35:9,10 The Message

It happened night after night, I would wake up in the morning and Parris would say, “You were doing it again.” “Doing what?” I asked. “You were laughing in your sleep.” It is pretty hard to fake laughing in your sleep. I mean, I was asleep, you can’t control anything when you are sleeping. The Lord was visiting me at night, touching me, healing me, preparing me for things to come. What kinds of things, things like “Beyond the Grave” and things like Katrina. Things that were way beyond human control or human ability.
Charles Spurgeon spoke about laughing in your sleep, he remembered Bunyan’s character, Mercy who was a sleep-laugher. Check this out.
“Bunyan tells us that Mercy laughed in her sleep, and no wonder when she dreamed of Jesus; my joy shall not stop short of hers while my Beloved is the theme of my daily thoughts. The Lord Jesus is a deep sea of joy: my soul shall dive therein, shall be swallowed up in the delights of his society. Sarah looked on her Isaac, and laughed with excess of rapture, and all her friends laughed with her; and thou, my soul, look on thy Jesus, and bid heaven and earth unite in thy joy unspeakable.”
Joy is far beyond our circumstances, our accomplishments, or our possessions. Real joy is not connected to things but is a spiritual reality that flows from God Himself. For Sarah, it was a belated pregnancy, for Abraham, it was an unexpected circumcision, for Peter it was joy unspeakable and tongues of fire in the upper room, for me it was in my sleep.
Spurgeon says that we can find this joy when we we look upon Jesus. We have spent most of our lives looking upon everything else, hoping for joy. We have looked to the economic climate, the political climate, and even the religious climate hoping for joy, but we didn’t find it there. Joy is not a principle, a position, or a possession, joy is a person. Have you seen Him lately? So where will we find Him? As for me He seems to delight in catching me by surprise. I guess that’s why I found Him, or rather He found me in my dreams.


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed. I related to Mercy’s joy over Jesus. He shed his Grace and Mercy to me on the cross. Now I can partake of this awesome joy.
    Today I plan on going bluebrry picking with some of the ladies at Victory. I anticipate alot of celebration over God’s creation. Fellowship and being among women in Christ enjoying His creation. Awesom!

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