Peter said to Him, “Lord, if it is You, command me to come to You on the water.” And He said, “Come!” And Peter got out of the boat, and walked on the water and came toward Jesus.

It was Sunday morning and revival was in the air. I had just returned from Rockwall, Texas and rumors had already been spreading. “You know pastor has been to ‘those’ meetings and I heard he has been laughing”. Now that would be a sign and a wonder, I had a reputation of being rather serious or let’s say “intense”. People who had been away from church for awhile showed up that morning, if for nothing else, they wanted to see me laugh. The service got started as usual, but normal was about to go out the door. As I began to go to the platform I could hear the Lord gently saying to me, “Come on and walk on the water with Me.” In just a moment of time, the atmosphere in the room distinctly changed. I knew what this was, this was the presence I had been enjoying all week in Texas, now that very same presence was in my church. As I began to speak that morning, it was all I could do to tell about what had happened that week, as I tried to tell my story, the joy began to well up inside of me until it exploded, like a levee breaking before the flood waters, the joy began to flood the room. All over the building pockets of laughter began to break loose until the whole church was overcome with the sounds of joy and celebration. All I could remember was Isaiah’s word, “With joy you will draw waters from the wells of salvation.” The joy of the Lord was visiting New Orleans, the Holy Spirit was in the house.I managed to get through something like a message and gave a salvation altar call and people were responding and giving their hearts to the Lord. Afterwards, I began to have a prayer line and prayed for people to receive a touch from the Lord. The Lord began to visit people as many fell to the floor overflowing with unspeakable joy. We were at the beginning of something that would redefine our lives and the future of Victory Fellowship, permanently. When we left the service that morning, many people were still on the floor, “under the power of the Holy Spirit”. Actually, to my surprise, some were still “out” 6 hours later when we returned for our Sunday evening service. I had never seen anything like this, we had fallen right into a revival. As of this writing, 17 years have passed. Many of us who experienced history that morning are still captivated by His love. What can I say, God came down and this “intense” preacher could never be the same. Did the people get what they came for that Sunday? Yes, I think they did. 17 years later I am still laughing and doing my best to walk on the water with Jesus.


  1. The parallels between the accounts of the scene between Jesus and Peter and between Jesus and Pastor Frank are interesting. Now for the obvious – in both accounts the main character is Jesus. Next we look at the sub-characters. Both these guys have answered the call to follow after Christ to this point. They both are doing things humanly normal, nothing that seems REALLY strange! Both have come to a point where Christ is at a distance. Then comes the visitation.
    Now Christ offers the invitation to ‘come’. Leave what you know, leave how you know to do things and ‘come’. I cannot say for sure but I would hedge a bet that immediately after the invitation both men had a quick short conversation with themselves that may have gone like this. “What – ‘come?’ Leave where I am and get out the boat (do not follow my agenda). Lord – what will everyone think?”
    It seems all the while they were having this conversation they were leaving where they were and heading for Christ. They both seemed to be risking it all. Peter – his life and the chance to be called a fool for crawling out the boat to travel on water. Pastor Frank – the congregation would think he flipped out and rush the doors, losing his ministry. Oddly enough both men were correct. Peter lost ‘his’ life and began to embrace more of the life preordained for him. Pastor Frank lost ‘his’ ministry and embraced the ministry preordained for him.
    I thank God that He is faithful to keep working in His Children’s lives to beckon us to ‘come’. Lord, help each of us to cling to You and let go of the boat (the natural). Easier said than done but nothing is impossible for Our God.
    Legal disclaimer: Any views or opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of [blog]. You must take no action based upon them other than following Christ’ direction for your life. Before exiting a water vessel – procure appropriate personal floatation equipment unless otherwise directed by Christ!

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