For in one Spirit we were all baptized into one body—Jews or Greeks, slaves* or free—and all were made to drink of one Spirit. 1 Cor.12:13 ESV

I will never forget the revival meetings I attended in Rockwall, Texas in 1994. It was as if I had stepped into another era, or had been transported to another planet. I was totally caught by surprise at the tangible presence of God . I never had any idea that that was even available to us today. I had been a “spirit filled christian” for over twenty years at that time, but this was all new to me. People “stuck” to the floor for hours, others laughing like I had never seen before, others shaking or jumping for joy, if I had not felt the overwhelming presence of God, I would have thought it was all just a show. And then I remember hearing Rodney Howard-Browne, crying out, ‘DRINK, DRINK”. I had no idea what he was talking about but I was about to learn. What I discovered was that “drinking” was a biblical concept that meant to take in or to receive. Obviously, I had forgotten how to receive, that’s why everything seemed so foreign to me. At the beginning of the 20th century, A.B. Simpson was a well known pastor in New York. Here is what he said about drinking.
“It is one thing to be baptized into the one body by the Spirit; it is another thing to drink into that one Spirit. The first is an act; the second is a habit. The first brings us into a relationship; the second is the true use of that relationship, the drinking of His fullness until we become filled, and the habit of abiding in His fullness so that we are always filled.”
I like that, drinking of His fullness until we are filled, and developing the habit of abiding in His fullness so that we are always filled. That is what I learned in those powerful days of revival in 1994. I learned that drinking of His fullness needed to become a habit in my life. Once I tasted the joy of drinking, making it a habit became quite easy. In those early days of revival I learned different ways to drink. Drinking in worship, drinking in reading the word, drinking by just enjoying His beautiful world. Drinking His Spirit became quite natural, like breathing or drinking water. The second lesson was abiding in His fullness. Drinking could bring me into a new life and lifestyle, as Paul said, “the new and living way”. There is a life of fullness, how do I find it? You find this fullness by learning how to drink.


  1. Lord, I pray to drink in your fullness everyday, more Lord more. Thank you Pastor good drinking meds this morning!

  2. This joy and fellowship with the lord cannot be manufactured, only he can give us this, I also have experienced this at times, we are leaving a fellowship that trys to manufacture this only God can give this to us, no substatute man trys programs or work themselves up to be in the spirit jump up and down yell halliluya fall out on the floor whaen the Holy Spirit falls you know it, ive been slain in the spirit also iv e laughed in the spirit and been filled with his peace and love this is real it is not real when anyone trys to manufacture the Holy Spirit in the flesh then its just an emotional thing maybe got some good exercise in it but thats all nothing really spiritually got done, The lord will not withhold good stuff like this if we love and obey him, we are looking for people that love the lord not thrills programs plans pet projects and all the glamoor just yeilded abideing in the vine people, I was telling my wiufe they are around 10 minutes later we met one at walmart tonite we are going to check them out they meet in a old abanden building they dont even have a name dont want one they call themselves f ollers of christ or belivers, it will be very interesting to go see them non denominational livving like they did in the first church the early church in this age of time we live in, i have heard things really happen there we will go see ourselves, they only relate to god in their lives not out to gain a reputation or big shots in a ministry, sounds good

  3. I too have learned to drink,in several ways,but I know that this river or whatever you want to call it,comes or works it’s way through the holy spirit. I was in the service in August 1994, and seeing it break loose. But,I didn’t understand or get it ,until October 1994,and suddenly there was a mighty rushing wind(Read Acts Ch 2). I drink at home,in the car,on the job. Other people,including other believers,say that I am nuts. But once you have tasted or drinked in his presence,there is no going back!!

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