For of His fullness we have all received, and grace upon grace.
John 1:16

I love the extravagant nature of God. He displays His infinite qualities in various ways. I love it when He displays His unlimited nature in, what some would say, excessive outpourings of His presence. That is what the day of Pentecost was about. The Lord began to show the overflowing characteristic of His Glory in huge outpourings of His presence. The disciples had experienced the anointing before, they had been with the “Anointed One” for three years. They had seen and felt a lot. They had also received a measure of His anointing that first Easter Sunday evening when Jesus breathed on them and said, “receive the Holy Spirit”, but the day of Pentecost was different. The power of His presence came down in a much greater measure, they were overcome by the Glory of His presence. That is exactly what John was talking about when he described, “grace upon grace”. The Lord was beginning to pour out greater and greater measures of His Spirit.
Recently, I attended an event in Colorado Springs hosted by John Bevere. While attending these meetings I was reminded of something that happened to me and our church in 1994. I was attending another event at the same hotel in Colorado Springs back in August of 1994. I called Parris in NOLA on Wednesday night and she began to tell me what had happened in our church that night. She described the incredible Glory of God coming down in our church to such a degree that many were struck speechless, others were overcome with unspeakable joy, and some, when trying to go home, were stuck on the pavement in the parking lot unable to make it to their cars. We had never experienced anything like this before, God was coming down pouring out his “grace upon grace” in our church. That outpouring began a season of incredible worship, harvesting of souls, (Beyond the Grave), and revival being birthed literally around the world. In a matter of months we were in the Philippines, Tanzania, Uganda, Singapore, Denmark, Norway, El Salvador, Mexico, and Costa Rica. God had come down and lives were being transformed. In our seeker friendly church world, many of us are afraid for “Pentecost” to take place. Without Pentecost, all we have is the form of Christianity, just words. Words without power can never change our world. Lord, visit your church again like the days of old, we want to hear the sound of the mighty rushing wind, we want to feel the heat of the tongues of fire, we want the river of Your Glory to flood our lives again. So don’t be surprised if “grace upon grace” shows up, that is exactly what we need, the power of the upper room.


  1. Come Holy Spirir- Here we are Lord-slay us in our shoes down to our souls- knock our worldly socks off and wash and anoint our feet in Your Holy Will- then raise us up and send us out with renewed Spirit to serve You and each other proclaiming Your Word to the world. Amen.

  2. To meditate on the thought of receiving of His fullness is a mind blower. For me fullness paints a picture of a container that is at its capacity, one that is filled from an external source and yet I cannot help to think in this case the container is not such a container but the SOURCE of that which fills all. This ‘fullness’ obviously has a deeper meaning than I can grasp at a quick glance. I guess I have to look a little deeper into His fullness!
    All I can say about His excessive outpourings of His presence is He is not trying, that is just Him! Have an awesome day yawl for it is the day the lord has made.

    1. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Hopefully you can see that this video is not that important in light of everything we preach at our church

  3. HIS FULLNESS. Well, I have done word studies, read commentaries and reviewed scripture that used this word in an attempt to grasp ‘HIS FULLNESS’. This is awesome. I was trying with all I had to define this and with no luck or end in sight. Then at mid-week service as I was enjoying the presence of God, out of nowhere this comes to mind! It is all of Him! We have access to ALL He is! WaHoo!!!!!!! We will receive of this for ALL eternity!
    Maybe I am just a fool and everyone else knew this. Thank You Father for helping me out!
    Esp 3:19 (awesome prayer each member of the church need pray for each member of the church.)
    Rom 3:24, 6:11
    1 Cor 1:30
    Gal 2:16, 3:14
    At this point I am closing out but suggest anyone, everyone to lookup the phrase ‘in Christ Jesus’ and read these scriptures. AWESOME!
    My brother says this thought also ties into John 10:10!!!!!!!
    Empty hands raised high,
    Mark Stephen

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