Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.
John 14:6

When I was in college I remember being on a quest for something real. It felt like the whole world was treading water, spending their time, spinning their wheels on unimportant activities. I was looking for something that matters. I felt getting an education to have a career to earn a living so that my kids could have an education didn’t make much sense. Their needed to be something valuable to live my life for, there needed to be a purpose in life that was truly valuable at the end of the day. In 1973, someone shared today’s scripture verse with me. That verse of scripture was like a laser that penetrated my soul. Jesus claimed to be the truth or the very reality of God. The word truth in greek is aletheia, it means the veritable essence of something, it means reality. I discovered that Jesus Himself was the reality I had been looking for, He was the very purpose of life that made all other purposes worth while. Karl Barth had some interesting observations on this very topic, here is what he said.
“The God of the Gospel, therefore, is neither a thing, an item, an object, a principle, a truth, or a sum of truths. God can be called the truth only when “truth” is understood in the sense of the Greek word aletheia. God’s being, or truth, is the event of His self-disclosure, his radiance as the Lord of all lords, the hallowing of his name, the coming of his kingdom, the fulfillment of his will in all his work. The sum of the truths about God is to be found in all the sequence of events, even in all the events of his being glorious in his work.”
After Christ became real to me, all of the other “insignificant” activities in my life took on new meaning. I began to realize that my whole life was connected, my whole life was spiritual. As the Lord became more and more the center of my life and focus, I discovered that actually my whole life was spiritual. Whether I was at work, at play, spending time with my wife and kids, the Lord was in the midst of it all. I could enjoy Him and glorify Him in the midst of all things. Jesus is the way into God’s presence, Jesus is the reality or truth all of us are looking for, and Jesus is life itself. Maybe it’s time to leave the unimportant and step into the reality of God and finally start living your life.

3 Replies to “SOMETHING REAL”

  1. It’s amazing how when I was participating in the worldly things, life was different. I look back now and seen myself living I’m my eyes a useless life with no purpose, or a slave to the things I wanted. I now have a intimate relationship with Jesus feeling anxious to see what his plans for me are. I now am fulfilling my purpose or plan. I accepted Christ at a young age but took a unecessary journey that made me think of philipians 4:6 It’s time for me to fulfil my purpose that God hasn’t revealed to me yet. Life without Jesus is meaningless , He has our plans already , its whether I submit to them or not. He got my attention in many ways, and now I can’t wait to see what they are. God will use me, and I am willing to go through whatever it takes to see my redemption. I’m so thankful to be involved in a church with leaders and people in the body that just pursue God.

  2. The popular TV show “A Minute to Win It ” has resulted in the lyric popping up in all areas of life. It is a fad phrase for sure made popular by society’s desire to emphasis the act of winning. Win – Win – Win- Win. What’s with always winning. What more prize can a soul want than its eternal salvation?

    A salvation already perfectly won by the stripes of an innocent Perfect human made flesh by the Creator of everything. Our Lord had Three Years of Ministry To Win It and He did so with Truth and conviction to the Father.

    We have our life time, a vanishing vapor of eternity, to come and surrender to the Truth of who Jesus was, is and shall forever be. The sooner we accept Him as our Lord and Savior the more time we will have to Glorify His Name above all names and the sooner our names will be written in the Book of Life.

    What’s your “winning” time to secure your salvation going to be? Soon, I pray. You have a life time to win it, but don’t look for any extra lives to to bail you out of your failure to see the Truth. One life time is more Grace than we deserve. Thanks be to God. Amen!, Amen! and Amen!.

  3. That is one of those scriptures that just get under people’s skin.
    John 14:6 – Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.”
    Most people dislike being told what to do or how to do it. This scripture is very clear and sets undeniable boundaries. If you desire to have relationship with the creator of everything; there is only one way. Even better, you don’t get the credit!
    There is one segment of the blog which really hit home with me. I was doing my best to explain this to a brother at yesterday’s BBQ. I came at it from a different angle but the core message was the same. When we each get this and it becomes a reality in our lives – WOW! Pastor said “the Lord was in the midst of it all”. God displayed this truth to me the day He visited me at my house, in the middle of the week, while I was doing my ‘to do list’. I will drink from that visitation for a long time. PRAISE GOD!
    He is not just for Sundays or church events!

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