“I sleep, but my heart waketh: it is the voice of my beloved that knocketh, saying, Open to me, my sister, my love, my dove, my undefiled: for my head is filled with dew, and my locks with the drops of the night. I have put off my coat; how shall I put it on? I have washed my feet; how shall I defile them? My beloved put in his hand by the hole of the door, and my bowels were moved for him.”
Song of Solomon

Thursday of last week, Frank and I went to our favorite Sushi place in Elmwood-Kyoto2. While eating, we begun to discuss the “what if’s” of the rapture happening. We really weren’t taking much of it seriously when we just began to stop and really contemplate the possibilities of it happening……Saturday. We found ourselves getting a little nervous about the “what if”. What would happen to our children, our church, our pets and yes even our marriage. (I wasn’t sure if Frank was concerned more for the dogs than me!) Both of us felt like we had more to do for Him and his kingdom. I will admit I have been in the process of doing a little renovation in our kitchen and was feeling just a tad silly about it. As the days drew closer to Saturday I pretty well dropped all my concerns. As the Aussies say- I was able to “get it sorted”. I went from nervousness to anticipation of even the thought of being raptured. Many times I went on the internet Friday and Saturday because I was amazed at all the news coverage ole Harold Camping was getting. Atheist going on craigslist to take your dogs, others wanting to buy your stuff and then of course the tweets, the cartoons and the many, many rapture jokes and parties. Wow, the world actually was being made keenly aware of the “RAPTURE”. Even Christians were being awakened out of their sleeply state, we were getting a rapture tune up.
The services over the weekend for me were refreshing and exciting. Yes, we are still here, enjoying Him and serving in the kingdom. In the Song of Solomon she was being awakened by her lover. He had put His hand on the door and she was hesitating. It is the voice of the beloved, He is calling us to a deeper walk, a burning love and a igniting passion. We may not know the day or the hour but we can certainly continue “to make ourselves ready”.
Spurgeon says it like this, “Oh, noble and pleasant employment to be for ever gazing at our sweet Lord Jesus! Is it not unspeakably delightful to view the Saviour in all his offices, and to perceive him matchless in each?-to shift the kaleidoscope, as it were, and to find fresh combinations of peerless graces? In the manger and in eternity, on the cross and on his throne, in the garden and in his kingdom, among thieves or in the midst of cherubim, he is everywhere altogether lovely. Examine carefully every little act of his life, and every trait of his character, and he is as lovely in the minute as in the majestic. Judge him as you will, you cannot censure; weigh him as you please, and he will not be found wanting. Eternity shall not discover the shadow of a spot in our Beloved, but rather, as ages revolve, his hidden glories shall shine forth with yet more inconceivable splendour, and his unutterable loveliness shall more and more ravish all celestial minds.”
Thanks Mr. Camping whoever you are——“Even so come Lord Jesus!”

3 Replies to “RAPTURE TUNE UP”

  1. sat. afternoon my wife and I were at a concert at the park, watching the Kentucy Head Hunters and many other bands, a gospel black bang came up and the Holy Spirit moved heavy, they were the ages of 11 threw 18, their mother was there in a wheel chair she was in a coma for 8 mounths these children showed there faith and what the lord had done in their family there are now on the tv show America has talent, if you see them on tv pray for them the judges on the show favor them to win it so far, they came here in love and boldness in Christ knowing the klu klux clan is very strong here in harrison ar. it is one of the main strong holds for them here in the south, we saw people amazed the bolnes these children had the love they had for the people much good came from this not one biggit could say a thing they were amazed, the power of the lord was on the children and all knew it! what a testimony, my wife made me behave myselve i was tempted to blow a trumpet behind the stage a scare people making them think the rapture was coming because the children were on stage at the time the guy said it was suppost to happen i behaved myself and desided it wasnt worth my wifes wraft! she is very small in sise but dynomiter comes in smaii packages, its so good to see the lord move useing the lest likely, showing the people who he is, needless to say many were ministered to and blessed out of their socks! the main event came next, The kentucy head hunters many thousand came to hear them they were great but all talked about these little black children, not the head hunters

  2. Praise God! This is an awesome blog/post for today. Last night’s service was truly wonderful and it was so great to see the many people coming forward for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The entire service was so heartfelt and full of the love of God and His presence was strong and He was exalted in every area. I love this church and will miss seeing and hearing you, Pastor Parris, and Pastor Frank. The thing I kept hearing in my spirit last night was…’Well done, good and faithful servants.’ And indeed this ministry is blessed. I will miss you dearly when I move in a few weeks but I will read and enjoy your message every day. Thank you for creating this post as it enriches, edifies, teaches, exhorts, and loves. God bless and keep you both and your family safe and in health as your soul prospers. Much love to you both.

  3. Harold Camping struck me as a sign of the end times I think about Matt.24:11-12 him being a false prophet , just another sign. There’s a lot biblical things that needs to take place first. The wars are here, the famines , the prophets , the killings of Christians etc. But it put me in a place to ask myself would I be ready?

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