So they shall fear the name of the Lord from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun; for he will come like a rushing stream, which the wind of the Lord drives.

Water is a very powerful force. Recently, we saw the destructive power of water in the tsunami in Japan, that wall of water destroyed everything in it’s path. Even more recently, we saw the overflowing waters of the Mississippi River washing away people’s homes, schools, businesses, churches, and farms. Flood waters are relentless, no one can stop the persistent power of an overflowing river.
Just as we see in all creation, overflowing rivers are a picture of a spiritual reality. The Holy Spirit is actually a continually overflowing river, flowing out from the fountainhead at the throne of God. Man can build up barriers in their lives to block the flow of the Spirit, but just like in the natural world, sometimes these levees break.
There are all sorts of levees in this world, spiritual levees, the kind people build to make sure God keeps His distance and doesn’t mess up their plans. Our government builds it’s humanistic levees, our churches build religious levees, and individuals normally build carnal levees. None of these human barriers can resist the flood waters of God’s Spirit once the river begins to rise. They may hold for awhile, but when the waters of the Spirit rise, they quickly fail.
The revelation of the Spirit tears down the humanistic levee as He reveals Himself as Creator, Savior, and soon coming King. In the light that flows in the River of God, the humanistic man centered theology of this world is exposed for what it is, man’s efforts to replace God. The power of the Spirit destroys the religious levee, He begins to show us that spirituality is way beyond having only the outward form or structure of religion, we need the power of the Spirit. As the power of God is demonstrated from the changed lives in the River, the walls of religion fall down flat. The joy of the Lord destroys the levees of carnality. As we step into the flooding waters of His presence we are caught by surprise. Suddenly, we are right in the middle of joy unspeakable as the joy of the Lord fills and satisfies our hearts. That’s when we finally understand, the joy found in the River of His presence can destroy that lust for sensual pleasure in our hearts. What kind of levee are you hiding behind? Look out! I think your levee is about to break!!!


  1. My wife and i are really experienceing seeing the lord meeting us right were we are at, its been really good seeing and experienceing this, knowing that he is changeing us bouth in alot of different ways that he wants to change us in you have to give him permission in order for him to do it, he wont force change on us, i pray to be willing to be willing as weird as this sounds and then i seek to go the opisit of what i feel and think then maybe just maybe we are hitting it right!

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