Truly you set them in slippery places; you make them fall to ruin. How they are destroyed in a moment, swept away utterly by terrors!
Psalm 73:18,19

All of us faced an assortment of emotions at the death of Osama Bin Laden. Ten long years he seemed to be like a “ghost in the darkness”, escaping and outmaneuvering our highly sophisticated military and intelligence then, suddenly, it was over. At the end he died like everyone else, not a ghost, but flesh and blood, only a heartbeat away from his eternal reward.
This seeming prosperity of the wicked has troubled the righteous from the beginning of time. One of the Psalms of Asaph spoke about the frustration of seeing the evil people seemingly get away with their sinful ways. Sometimes we may be tempted to think, “What is the use?” That is how Asaph felt until he went to the temple and came into the presence of the Lord. When he experienced God in His house, he had a sudden burst of revelation. He saw the wicked in their fragile, perilous state, hanging over their eternal destruction. He saw it, the lost were in “slippery places” ready to slide into their eternal judgement at any time. Charles Spurgeon had an interesting observation on this passage.

“How are they brought into desolation, as in a moment! This is an exclamation of godly wonder at the suddenness and completeness of the sinners’ overthrow. Headlong is their fall; without warning, without escape, without hope of future restoration! Despite their golden chains, and goodly apparel, death stays not for manners but hurries them away; and stern justice unbribed by their wealth hurls them into destruction.”

Osama bin Laden’s wealth and power could not ultimately escape the justice of God. Justice will always be served because a just God is ruling the universe by the word of His power. Maybe you are struggling with your perception that someone did something wrong to you and they have seemingly gone on and enjoyed their life. The way to overcome this is to come into the presence of the Lord. In His presence is incredible revelation. In that place of intimacy with God, like Asaph, you can have a sudden burst of light come flooding into your soul. Then you will see it, the incredible eternal reward for God’s children, and the inescapable destruction that is waiting to pounce on the lost. Osama Bin Laden has begun to experience his reward, yours lies just ahead.


  1. We all have had people in our lives do stuff to us thinking they have gotten away with it! I hear all the time where people were swindelled out of their homes lands life savings their children murdered, right here in the good ol usa and world wide, we all will give an account to the lord good and bad, the lords people will receive their reward so will the wicked, it will be just we are learning to give things to god even when evil things have been diliberately done to us, the lord always has it unger control, i want to be in a place were i can have forgiveness look at them as being lost and pray for their salvation, its ok to pray for people committing evil, evil people in the past have come to the lord, by his mercy, its only by his mercy we breath, pray for the wicked, many will perish but if we pray for them maybe some will get right with the lord, all things are possable if a real wicked person gets saved many sins are blotted out they too become a new creature in christ, we all have seen gods goodness overcome evil many wicked wont repent but some with gods interseeding might, you never know what might happen, ive seen the worst of the worst come to the lord, people that others feared so mean they laughed when they cut people with knives beat people up took wallets sold their wives in the sex trade, some of these are living a new life in christ, others went on in their sins and or dead or in prison but some came to the lord sin is sin no matter who we are or what we came from im so thankfull we can and have been set free in christ over sin

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