Precious in the sight of the Lord
Is the death of His saints.

For us on earth, death seems like such a tragedy, but not so for the Lord and those in heaven. Death is precious to the Lord, it leads His sons and daughters right into is arms. To leave this world is the beginning of the greatest adventure imaginable. We just lost one of the great men of God from our generation, David Wilkerson. To those of us on earth, this seems like such a terrible thing, for Pastor Wilkerson and those in heaven, nothing could be further from the truth. Jonathan Edwards loved to preach about heaven, here is something he said in his message, “To Be Absent From the Body is to be Present With the Lord”.

“the privilege of being with Christ in heaven, where he sits on the right hand of God, in the glory of the King and God of angels, and of the whole universe, shining forth as the great light, the bright sun of that world of glory; there to dwell in the full, constant and everlasting view of his beauty and brightness; there most freely and intimately to converse with him, and fully to enjoy his love, as his friends and spouse; there to have fellowship with him in the infinite pleasure and joy he has in the enjoyment of his Father; there to sit with him on his throne, and reign with him in the possession of all things, and partake with him in the joy and glory of his victory over his enemies, and the advancement of his kingdom in the world, and to join with him in joyful songs of praise to his Father and their Father, to his God and their God, forever and ever? Is not such a privilege worth the seeking after?”

Can you imagine what it will be like, to be in the presence of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ? To enjoy the love that flows like a mighty river from Him and fills everything in that glorious place, to sing with the angels, to dance without inhibition in His Presence, to enjoy Christ in all of the redeemed from every tribe and tongue, to celebrate with those that we led to Christ, yes, heaven will be quite a place.
As for David Wilkerson, he will be missed, his family needs our prayer. For the rest of us, let this serve as a reminder. Life is precious, life is short. There is a world that needs Christ and heaven is a world of love.

2 Replies to “DEATH IS PRECIOUS”

  1. Death is an experience feared and misunderstood. Yet it stands between us and what we want desperately! To those that have a fear of flying I liken it that plane trip to that destination you just much reach. A destination you cannot reach any other way. You will have to just go with me on this since there is no place like that on earth. But imagine you have heard of this great get away. It sounds ok, seems cool. Then you meet someone who has been and they share their experience with you. You see pictures and see souvenirs. You can practically imagine how it feels but there is that fear of flying. BUMMER! Most people will endure that fear to reach their destination and in doing so realize their fear was unfounded.
    When we met Christ through the sharing of the gospel by others we got that glimpse, that taste of Him, of heaven and we want more. Of course there is that fear of flying off to heaven, death. Just like the earthly flight, we all have a degree of fear of that flight. This goes for both the one leaving and friends and family staying behind. But we need to be of good cheer for we know He who made that first trip is our pilot and unlike these earthly flights He never crashes or has to abort a landing. No preflight course in what to do in case of an emergency. That was taken care of when we accepted Christ. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!
    John 14:3 (this is in red)
    When everything is ready, I will come and get you, so that you will always be with me where I am.
    P.S. – Anyone who doesn’t have enough time in their week to do everything they have to do should make plans to come to Wednesday night service … it was AWESOME!!!!!!!

  2. Mark Planchard’s analogy of death being like a feared air flight but with ultimate Joy at arriving at the destination with Christ reminds me of the movie “The Apostle” starring Robert Duval, Farrah Fawcitt , Billy Bob Thornton and June Cash ( yep, Johnny’s wife) which film won the 2001 Dove Award for Spirituality. The Pastor fell victim to the sin of marital jealousy, anger and hate and in striking out to avenge his wife’s infidelity accidentally murders her lover.Though the Pastor first runs and escapes from the police through prayer, reconciliation and self- baptism he is reborn and starts a humble new life and new church.But in so doing he knowingly sets himself up to be found eventually by the police. In starting his new church he led many others to Christ but as he gives his last homily to his humble congregation and as he sees the police waiting outside to arrest him for murder and to his probable Texas execution and death, he Joyfully declares , ‘I’m leaving here today and got a plane to catch but I’m not flying to Cincinnati, not going to St.Louis, nor New York but to jail and to be with the Lord’. Its a movie all reborn Christians would enjoy and identify with the pastor’s redemptive rebirth.

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