They feast on the abundance of your house, and you give them drink from the river of your delights.

All we really want in life is to be happy, is that too much to ask? From the day we are born, we are looking for some joy. The baby looks for it in his bottle, the little girl in her “Barbie doll” and the little boy in his cars and trucks. As we get older not much changes. The “bottle” just has a different beverage, the little girl has become her version of “Barbie” and the little man has become a big boy with bigger cars and trucks. They have all been looking for the same thing since they were born, all we want is a liitle happiness. We were all created by God in His image with a huge desire for pleasure, the problem started when man fell into sin. This God instilled, huge appetite for happiness was corrupted at the fall, instead of the incredible pleasure found in our relationship with our Creator, we were alienated from Him and began our search. We have been looking for happiness which can never be found in this created world, after all, we have eternity in our hearts. Jonathan Edwards was consumed with this pursuit of pleasure, he had found the fountain head of this pleasure in Christ Himself, this is something of what Edwards had to say about the pleasures of God.
“The sum of all spiritual good which the saints have in this world, is that spring of living water within them which we read of, (John 4:10;) and those rivers of living waters flowing from within them which we read of, (John 7:38,39,) which we are there told is the Holy Spirit. And the sum of all happiness in the other world, is that river of living water which flows from the throne of God and the Lamb, which is the river of God’s pleasures, and is the Holy Spirit, which is often compared in Sacred Scripture to water, to the rain and dew, and rivers and floods of waters, (Isa. 44:3; 32:15; 41:17,18, compared with John 4:14; Isa. 35:6,7; 43:19,20.)”
Edwards had experienced this “joy unspeakable” when the Holy Spirit first fell in his church in 1734. From that day on nothing else could ever satisfy him in his pursuit. Have you experienced this heavenly joy, if not, “joy unspeakable” is waiting for you. Drink the living water, and when you do, you also will taste of the pleasures of God that will last for eternity.

2 Replies to “LOOKING FOR JOY”

  1. Thank you. I enjoy reading your comments. God is truely our only source of life. To be filled with this life is all we need.

  2. awesome! I think of rita springer song I want the joy of the lord to come down , want the joy of to come down want the joy of the lord in my life,i want it to change me. Then she goes on sing I time i give oh! my god the Highest praise wow!! love when we join together to worship our awesome god!!! There is just something about that corporate worship of praise to our lord! holyspirit come !!

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