Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever.

Christianity is not just a creed that we adhere to, not just a philosophy or code of ethics. No, Christianity is the very life of God displayed in redeemed, fallen humans. God is glorified in this world by displaying His goodness and His power through the weakest of human vessels. It is not about empowering us to be a better me, it is about the display of Christ in human frailty. Paul said He is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above what we can ask or even think, that is huge. Whatever your idea is about what life could be like, it is far to small. The Lord’s plans are far greater than we have considered. Matthew Henry made some interesting observations on this verse, check it out.

“Take notice how he describes God, and how he ascribes glory to him. He describes him as a God that is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think. There is an inexhaustible fulness of grace and mercy in God, which the prayers of all the saints can never draw dry. Whatever we may ask, or think to ask, still God is still able to do more, abundantly more, exceedingly abundantly more. Open thy mouth ever so wide, still he hath wherewithal to fill it. Note, In our applications to God we should encourage our faith by a consideration of his all-sufficiency and almighty power. According to the power which worketh in us. As if he had said, We have already had a proof of this power of God, in what he hath wrought in us and done for us, having quickened us by his grace, and converted us to himself. The power that still worketh for the saints is according to that power that hath wrought in them. Wherever God gives of his fulness he gives to experience his power.”

God has given His fullness to you for you to experience His power. One of the great places He reveals this power is in the place of prayer. As you tap into God, praying in the Spirit, don’t be surprised at the demonstration of His power. He loves to display His Glory. That is what the earthly life of Jesus was about and that is what the outpouring of His Spirit is about. Today, He is at work, the beauty of this is that He is at work in us and through us and for us so that we display His Glory.

3 Replies to “WORKS IN US”

  1. im glad today that God took the foolish things to confound the wise, according to this world, every day common people look foolish, not to many of us stand out.Many of us are looked at as the lowlife construction workers, the cowboys, security guards, factory workers warehouse workers, garbage men just normal ev ery day people, but the lord choose to use these people, anyone thaT WILL SAY YES HERE I AM, HE WILL DO IT IN THEIR LIVES!We have some heavys in the body of Christ,doctors ect. my wifes doctor prays for the lord to heal all his patience! and asks to be lead in treating them! in the book of acts they loved the lord and each other, they were used in a mighty way, this is still the same now. most of them were common every day people, the fisherman, zealots tax gathers,sheperds,some bussines people like Lydiah many every day people full of God and the Holy Spirit.

  2. Pastor Bailey you hit it out of the park. The Lord said He came to save the lost sheep and sinners of the world meaning He came to save the lost sinners in all of us. For everyone of us has fallen short of the Glory of God. Keep that in mind everyday all you so called “perfect” non sinners of the world, accept your imperfect frailties and seek daily forgiveness and grace from our Savior,so as the prince of darkness of this world can not gain a foothold on your soul. Thanks be to God. Hallelujah! Praise and Glory to His Name above all names. Amen.

  3. So thankful for the word but also the thomas henrys and johnathan edwards, love thomas watson the godly man. Thankful that you encourage us to read them… thank you god bless!!

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