There remains therefore a rest for the people of God. For he who has entered His rest has himself also ceased from his works as God did from His.

Do you feel worn out? I am not talking about just being sleepy, or exhausted from a long day, I am talking about something quite different. Something that goes beyond just a physical tiredness, but something that goes to your very core. This emotional and spiritual condition comes from the endless onslaught of stuff that gets slung at us everyday. It comes from bad news about the economy, worries about the future of your job, problems at home, political and governmental chaos and scandal, international incidents, natural disasters, children in trouble (parents in trouble ?). Need I say more?
Our fast paced, sometimes out of control world, can leave us out of breath, just hoping for a break. This kind of pressure can lead us to make bad decisions, decisions we may regret for a long, long time. What kind of decisions? Decisions like immoral relationships, or maybe alcohol and substance abuse. Don’t get me wrong, it is very seldom that this starts suddenly. First, you take a look at stuff you would never look at, or you decide to have a drink (after all you, deserve it after all you’ve been through). Then, before you realize it, your life has deteriorated into something quite different, maybe something you are not very proud of. All you were looking for was a break.
Being “tired” puts us into a vulnerable place. That is what the author of Hebrews is describing in this passage. There is a place of rest in Christ that will keep us safe in this wacky world that we live in. How do we find this place of rest? By drawing near to God. I am not talking about a dry, sterile religious life. I am offering to you the greatest of all adventures. This adventure will not wear you out but will bring you into His promised rest, the place you have been looking for, just maybe looking in all the wrong places. You can enter in to this rest for your soul today. This rest is found at the right hand of the Father’s throne, the place where Christ is seated, the place He is resting from His finished work at the cross. As we bow before Him in worship and adoration, a rest beyond compare begins to flood our soul. This rest is more than a rest for our body, it goes through our whole being. This is the rest of God, filled with an unspeakable joy, this is what our souls were looking for all along.

One Reply to “NEED SOME REST?”

  1. The world is so fast paced, I remember growing up and my mom didn’t have to work we sat down as a family with my 2 brothers to eat every night life just wasn’t like it is today. Both parents usually work now days, which brings a higher standard of unrealized stress which affects a family. We all need a vacation, and mine started when I learned how to be content and to just slow down and enjoy life. I like Isaiah 40:29-31.

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