But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.
Acts 1:8

Power, or energy, is part of everything we do, electric power to power our computers, televisions, and air conditioners. Then there is fuel for our cars and natural gas for stoves and heaters, without power we would be living back in the stone age overnight. Recently, we have been stunned by the crisis in Japan and the unfolding drama in the middle east. Both of these situations are deeply effected by “power”. The middle east is where most of our oil comes from. Problems there always end up with higher fuel prices here, which always leads to higher prices in almost everything. In Japan, we have been shocked by the horrific, unfolding, nuclear crisis. What an ironic dilemma. The nuclear plant that provides power for millions of people has lost power itself. Not only has its power failed, its backup generators failed, leaving them dependent on a long cable (an extention cord?) to try to power up their pumps to cool off their reactors, talk about a power crisis.
That brings us to our spiritual power failure. Our churches seem to be operating in a brown out, if not total black out, in our modern “relevant church” age. Our lives are designed to operate on the power of God, not catchy slogans, or trendy success tactics. We were designed for much more than that. Jesus told his disciples they would be filled with power, dunamis, to fulfill His plans on the earth. Without this dunamis, we are reduced to living off of human ingenuity and and natural abilities. That pretty much describes what most churches are working with today. This power that Jesus described is the God given ability to live the Christian life, the power to bring healing to the sick, the power to bring freedom to the alcoholics and deliverance to those bound by substance abuse. This power can free a man’s soul from sex addictions, depression, and fear. This power from on high is what separates Christianity from all of the other religions and philosophies of the world. Without God’s power, we are like the darkened nuclear plant in Japan trying desperately to deal with damage control with no tools to work with.
The good news is that this supernatural power is available for us today. Jesus is seated at the Father’s right hand, He is pouring out His glory upon all who are thirsty. Why wait another day, why try to live a supernatural life with only natural resources? Look to Jesus, He is the “Baptizer in the Holy Spirit”. He is pouring out His Spirit on all who look to Him today.

4 Replies to “POWER FAILURE”

  1. Drugs were my down fall slowly destroying my life and family , but the power of Lord isn’t comparable , He delivered me from worldly desires and there’s nothing that can fulfill His grace, healing power , and ability to mend the broken back together. Thank you Lord!

  2. I am so glad He is alive, we dont live by some program that some person set up. which is dead anyway, only the Holy Spirit moving has any lasting effect, I pray to be Holy Spirit powered, this only takes a willing heart, not by any works we could ever do, you cant buy it, earn it or sike it into your life, Jesus gives it to us freely, its a gift, so we can be lead into his truth, gives us strenth when we need it, gives us fruit that the lord wants in our lives, boldness,walking in it keeps us from willful sinning so we are not loseing our fellowship with god and our brothers and sisters, it gives us power from on high so our lives can be a testimony to our lord.

  3. Oh yes, Come Holy Spirit Come. The Holy Spirit is the fuel which allows reborn Christians to stay in communion with the Lord and live in this world which surrounds and tempts us 24/7. If the Lord had not been baptized and received the power of the Holy Spirit he could never have survived in the wilderness for forty days constantly being tempted by the prince of darkness. That’s why this Bailey Drink is so vital in the morning as it allows us to read the Word and be Splashed in the face with the Holy Spirit to wake us up the Joy of the Lord and provide us with the the Power to take on the evilness of the day.Thank you Lord for the Bailey Drink and to share the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

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