Now concerning the times and the seasons, brothers, you have no need to have anything written to you. For you yourselves are fully aware that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night.
1 Thes.5:1,2

Things can change quite suddenly, our world, as we know it, can be dramatically changed in a day. A number of years ago, I went on a ministry trip to a beautiful town in Tanzania called Mtwara. It was in quite a remote region just north of Mozambique, located on the Indian Ocean. There was a beach located near the house where I was staying that I would go to between the morning and evening meetings. On this beach, I observed a phenomenon that illustrated how quickly everything could change. Just below the beach was a tidal flat that separated the beach area from the water, it was about a quarter of a mile from the beach to where the water actually began. I would relax on this beach thinking it was impractical to go to the water for a swim. One afternoon this suddenly changed. There was a strange tidal phenomenon that happened when the tide began to come in, the area that was a dry tidal flat would be filled with several feet of water in a matter of just a few minutes, it was quite a dramatic change. Suddenly the water was right at my feet, going for a swim was now a whole different proposition.
From time to time I think of this beach and the spiritual lesson it teaches. Our world can change in a moment of time. I can think of several times in the Bible, where everything was changed in a day. There was the day Jesus was baptized, the upper room experience, the crucifixion, the resurrection, Paul’s encounter on the Damascus Road, these events, and many others, remind us how the landscape of our lives can be rearranged in a day.
In our world, our lives can be altered instantly. I think of events like, 911, Katrina, the earthquake in Haiti, the Indonesian tsunami, the threefold disaster in Japan ( 9.0 eartquake, tsunami, and nuclear catastrophe), unexpected historical events can alter our lives suddenly and permanently.
Spiritual encounters can also change your world. I think of the day I was born again, the day I was baptized in the Holy Spirit, the day God came down in our church, each of these moments altered everything in my life. We live in a time of changing seasons. I think the tide is coming in, don’t be surprised when your dry tidal flat is suddenly filled with water.


  1. we never know from day to day how things may change, all we got is right now, god is there right now. I try to keep sight of that even when things get busy, the tax man cometh, and cares of this life get hetic, I know the lord is there , Im I hearing him for that day? im I walking in his love? do i care for others the way the holy spirit working in my life wants me to do, im i yeilded to his will and purpose hell or high water giving it all to him? most of all do i love him?Jesus asked simon Peter do you love me? he asks us all that, if we love him we will give it all to him, where our treasure is so is our heart, we find uorselves motivated by his love with the h oly spirit working in us, someday we will all stand before god our only justification is Jesus saying i died for them they are mine, many will say i prophetzised in you name cast out devils did all kinds of stuff and they did do this stuff, to many he will say i never knew you.They had these gifts but Jesus wasnt lord of their lives. they took him supperfisally, maybe lost their first love, didnt allow the lord to work in their lives. No matter what the lord has to be first, do we trust him? or do we go by or own understanding in the corse of our lives? is Jesus our Lord? i ask myselve that, if i know im lacking i take it straight to him, ask to please himand his help to overcome whatever it is, if we are honest before him he will take care of it. we will be Christlike

  2. Awesome teaching for these days. Many years ago I worked for a family in Palm Harbor FL. They had a home on the water and we experienced the same massive tide change. There were small islands in the harbor you could walk out to at low tide. You had to keep a tide chart with you and time it’s return so you didn’t get stuck with the tide coming before you were over half way back home. I remember how sour the harbor smelled at low tide where you could smell the dead fish and mud baking in the sun, and how refreshing the air was at high tide. I also remember how strong and powerful the current was. It swept out everything.

  3. For all those reborn the Holy Spirit has a time table which has no schedule known to humans The only question is will you see, hear and acknowledge and respond to His Invitation and Presence and truly accept His Sacrifice for your eternal Salvation. And then allow Him to change and refine you into a true spiritual being.

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