And there were flashes of lightning, rumblings, peals of thunder, and a great earthquake such as there had never been since man was on the earth, so great was that earthquake. And every island fled away, and no mountains were to be found. And great hailstones, about one hundred pounds each, fell from heaven on people; and they cursed God for the plague of the hail, because the plague was so sever.

It seems like the disasters are getting bigger and more destructive as time goes on. Students of history tell us that there have been some major events, like nothing we have seen in our lifetimes, throughout history. According to John’s prophesy in the book of Revelation, the biggest of all earthquakes, “such as never been since man was on earth”, is being reserved for the last chapter of this age. What will that climatic event look like? How devastating will it be? If we take this passage as it reads, it seems there may be a tsunami that is so enormous, that every island will be overwhelmed. This prophesy also states that all the mountains will be brought down, that will be quite an earthquake!!
Some may say, “that is to far fetched, that sounds like a bad science fiction movie”. The truth of the matter is that this creation is coming to the end of its purpose, the Lord is preparing to create a new heaven and a new earth, that is the clear teaching of scripture. So there probably will be bigger earthquakes and bigger tsunamis as we get closer to the very end. These events are not happening by accident, they are all part of God’s plan for these last days. We should not be shaken, but strengthened in our faith as we see God’s prophetic time clock wind down. These are the days of preparation, the greatest moments of His church are about to unfold. We can tell a lot about ourselves and our spiritual condition by the way we respond in days like these. Do you find yourself searching the scriptures more, or just distracted by the cares of this world? Are you being drawn closer to your christian friends and your church, or are you wandering aimlessly with the lost people all around you? The time of putting off spiritual things and personal involvement is far past. If today is not the day for repentance and dedication, tell me, what will it take for you? Hopefully you are not waiting for the hundred pound hailstones to fall before you get serious (look at today’s scripture verse). Today is the day, now is the time for all of us to press on to know the Lord.


  1. we all are shareing this very same thing, telling folks now is the day of salvation,get ready he is going to be coming, when we dont know but he will be coming, those that know the lord, get closer dont let anything come between you and the lord return to your first love if that is the case with you to do, put the lord first ask him to help you do that, repent if anything is in the way, deseption is here and it is going to increase, dont forget or be fooled by any kind of deciet, if we love the lord and others and abide in the vine we will not be deceived no matter what the human trend is, or some popular worldly tv host might lay on the people and every one runs to it, the lord wants us to be his people set aside for him and him only i know the time is here that he will be useing the church in a greater way that we could have ever thought each of use needs to exaimine ourselves, and ask gods help to be clean before him, i think most of us desire this, im learning if i see anything that is interfering with gods will in my life get rid of it, get prayer confessit get it gone, this could be anything, a bad attitude unforgiveness something we like to do and it gets in our time with the lord, we take more time with our fun put it ahead of our time the lord wants to spend with us, i pray that the lord gives me the right prioritys, i dont come home and kiss my dogs and pat my wife, but we sometimes have that wrong priority with the lord. If we are to busy to seek him ask him to direct our day and to pray to please him, we are too busy it boils down to what is the most inportant in our lives.

  2. My waking thought; Jesus is everything to every man. What a strange thought to have – or so I thought. As I pondered this thought, these thoughts came to mind: He is hope for the hopeless, a friend to the lonely, a healer for the sick and a savior to all. I wondered if this would have any relevance to today’s daily drink. In the dark I put on a tee shirt and off to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. Now I sit reading and there is a connection. Then I realize the tee shirt I put on is lime green with big purple letters, J E S U S, our rock, our hope our LORD. It goes on; friend, protector, healer, redeemer, way maker, savior King of Kings, advocate, all sufficient, God, the light, deliverer, good shepherd, life, truth, faithful, the beginning and the end.
    WOW!!!!!!! Thanks for the shirt Jesus!
    I once heard if Jesus is not your only option, He is not an option.
    The scripture I woke with is Matthew 4:4. But he answered, “It is written, “‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.'”
    Jesus is the word which proceeds from the mouth of God! He is everything to every man – not every man knows it! I know these current events have gotten most people’s attention and the great and final earthquake will surely get the attention of the rest. What a time to be alive and born again, what an opportunity! Thanks Lord!!!!!!!

  3. The needed earthquake in each of our lives is the period of time we are brought to our shaking knees not by external geological shifts in the earth’s tectonic plates but in our spiritual heart of hearts making us acknowledge this life is not about us but about Him. Fortunately, I experienced and was blessed with a personal “spiritual-shake ” several years ago and it was a Blessed massive 10. It shorted out my “electric” personal endeavors and I became a refugee of a dear beloved brother who was Christ’s vessel for my rebirth. I was infected by him with the radioactivity of the Risen Christ and upon our physical departure I fortunately was able to infect my wife and others with Christ’s radioactivity.whose half-life is eternal. Come let us “glow” together with the radical radioactivity of Christ and infect the world ! My beloved nephew I see is already “glowing” early this morn with his green” glow in the dark” shirt.

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