In the Messiah, in Christ, God leads us from place to place in one perpetual victory parade. Through us, he brings knowledge of Christ. Everywhere we go, people breathe in the exquisite fragrance.
2 Cor.2:14 The Message

What is the greatest of all parades? Could it be a Rose Bowl parade, or maybe The Orange Bowl parade, or possible Carnival in Rio or maybe one of the Mardi Gras parades? None of those are even a close second to the greatest of all parades that is rolling right now! What is this spectacular parade? Of course it is the triumphal procession spoken of by Christ in today’s verse. It is the procession of His victorious sons and daughters on display for all of the world to see. This passage is a descriptive picture, painted by the Apostle Paul. He is using a scene very familiar to the people of Corinth, actually to the whole region that had come under the influence of the Roman Empire. The Romans would have a giant victory parade after conquering a new area. They would parade through the streets honoring the victorious general and his triumphant soldiers. They would also put on a display with the trophies, the slaves of the conquest. This is a picture of our victorious general, Jesus Christ. He is parading through the streets of the world in His celebration of victory over sin and it’s dominion over mankind. The trophies of His conquests are the liberated slaves of the former kingdom. Who are these trophies, those who have been born again, liberated from the lusts and sinful behavior of this present world. We were once slaves of this evil generation, but now we have been liberated, we are marching and dancing with Jesus in the greatest parade of all time, celebrating our liberation from the power of sin.
One of the greatest features of the Roman parade were the smells. The streets were filled with the special fragrance of victory. There were the sweet smells of the flowers, the incense, and the incredible aroma of the sacrifices offered in the streets. To those who rejoiced at the Roman conquest it was a smell of victory, to those who were not rejoicing, it was the horrible smell of defeat and death. This “Jesus parade” also features a fragrant aroma, it is the smell of Christ radiating from the lives of those who have been freed from sin. To those who rejoice in Christ’s victory over our sinful lifestyles, it is the smell of life, to those who continue in the ways of this world, it is the fragrance of death. What are you smelling today?


  1. aman and aman to this, im shouting today in my heart to how great god is, sometimes i dance in the spirit doing all kinds of stuff i never did before, as we see his greatness and what he has done and continues to do you might find yourselve shouting danceing and praiseing the lord

  2. I rarely remember my dreams but today was one of those special days. As most of my dreams it was strange.
    There was a large gathering of people and it was a somber moment for there before us was Jesus’ body, dead. Each person had out their cell phone and had written a text message and placed their phone by His body. As I placed my phone down I was asked if I wanted to say a prayer but I could barely breathe. I could utter no sound, it was as though I was suspended just above death yet could not die, which would have been a relief from where I was. It was as though someone took a huge ice cream scoop and scooped out my chest. There was hollowness, emptiness that was beyond explanation. I imagine it was similar to how believers felt as they saw Christ death.
    There was no transition scene but next I find myself out on the street in a huge crowd, way bigger than those gathered in the previous scene. It is a parade but the float is just sitting there. Even though the float didn’t move it was if that float was everywhere on the parade route at once. It is the King’s float and there He was, not really moving, not really throwing anything but there was something about Him that was awesome. The people were shouting like nothing I ever heard, it was deafening. This just seemed to go on and on and on. As this roar went out more and more people came from the back streets to see what was going on and joined in. The feeling I had in the first scene of emptiness and desperate hopelessness had been replaced with this feeling. I cannot explain it but as bad as the first feeling was this feeling was beyond that extreme to the good. I know all I could do was stare at Him. I could not move.
    I believe all that screaming and shouting was believer’s testimonies and it was attracting the lost from the back streets and the crowd may represent growing number of saved. WOW – what a dream!

  3. Amen Pastor! I smell the sweet fragrance of my Sweet Jesus, my Savior, My Deliverer, My Healer, my Provider, The Lover of my soul! Thank you Lord for the Blood of Jesus!

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