But those things which God foretold by the mouth of all His prophets, that the Christ would suffer, He has thus fulfilled. Repent therefore and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord.
Acts 3:18,19

Have you ever been exhausted? I am not talking about physical exhaustion, rather I am speaking about being spiritually exhausted. It was 1994 and I had had enough. I was tired of church, I was tired of people’s problems, I was tired of preaching and studying, I felt like I was finished. I needed refreshing but did not know how to get it. Honestly, I didn’t know that it was even available. I had been going on my own strength for so long, and then, I was just tired.
During that time in my life I began hearing about revival. Too me, revival was just an extended series of meetings, it made me tired to just think about that. I had know idea that revival, or refreshing, was an actual move of the Holy Spirit. This is what I needed, I needed an encounter with God. Reluctantly I went to the “revival”, not expecting much. Was I ever in for a surprise. I walked right into an encounter with God, the winds of refreshing began to blow into my life.
This word refreshing is the word anapsuxis in the greek new testament. This is what the greek lexicon says about this powerful word.
anapsuxis – properly a recovery of breath, that is, (figuratively) revival: – revival properly to cool off, that is, (figuratively) relieve: – refresh

That is exactly what I needed; a recovery of breath, a cooling off period. That is exactly what I received. The Holy Spirit began to blow His fresh breath into my life, the wind of His Spirit began to blow into my life. I was being restored.

Maybe you are tired. Tired of the religious rat race, or even tired of the human rat race. Living on your own talents and strength can be exhausting. We all finally come to the end of our strength. Many times, this is when His wind begins to blow. There is a refreshing, a total recovery from the struggles of life, available to you. We live in those “times of refreshing”. Where can I find it? Only one place, these winds of refreshing are flowing from the presence of the Lord.

4 Replies to “REFRESHED”

  1. Thank you for exposing yourself to Revival and bringing it back to us in Metairie. You may not know this but my Mom died Sept 9, 1994 and was buried in the mountains of NC Sept 11, 1994. We 3 kids spent another week there going through her 2 houses and a cabin and disposing of stuff. We made Habitat for Humanity very happy as we supplied a gigantic yard sale for them. Debra had told me church was different but she didn’t elaborate. I came back to an evening service and it was different but good. I got in the prayer line all wrapped up in my sadness at Mom’s passing. For the FIRST time in my life I was slain in the Spirit and laughing like crazy. I laid there a few seconds and my mind said “why are you laughing? Your Mom just died” and I quit and immediately shed some tears for probably less than a minute. All of the sudden I was laughing again and as you know I laughed for many years. The Lord touched me in so many ways through so many trials but I had JOY through it all. I don’t think there was a spot on that carpet I didn’t have a face to face encounter with. I remember when we were in the 2x daily meetings writing you and note and thanking you for taking me back to my First Love. That was a new term for me but as time went on we heard it more and more. I am so thankful that this spiritual Refreshing didn’t pass me by. You take good care of your flock.

  2. I can definitely relate to this posting.. life gets so overbearing to where it is to much and you do not know what to do.. but like you posted the onlly thing to do is run to the Lord and stay in His presence

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