For this I toil, struggling with all his energy that he powerfully works within me.
Col.1:29 ESV

We all stand back in amazement at the ministry and accomplishments of the Apostle Paul. He would be the first to say that it was not his work but the work of God within him. Christianity is by nature supernatural. Paul’s story is evidence of this. Before his encounter with Christ on the Damascus Road, his life was one of rigid religious rules and regulations. After his encounter with Jesus that all changed. He began to experience a divine “energy” working in his body. He recognized that an invisible person had taken the reigns of his life. This is what he was describing in today’s verse, “struggling with all His energy that He powerfully works within me”. Paul was yielding to this supernatural person, the Holy Spirit, who was working mightily in his life.
I love the word Paul used to describe this life working in him. He used the word energes, a powerful word describing the work of God in him. Here is a description of this word from Strong’s and Zodhiates’ lexicons.

energēs * en-er-gace’ ; active, operative: – effectual, powerful. [LEX] Energems; from enérgeia, energy. Refers to energy, engaged in work, capable of doing, active, powerful.

The beauty of Christianity is it’s inclusive nature. The energy of the Holy Spirit is not for the special people or just the ministers. Like Peter proclaimed, He is pouring out His Spirit on all flesh. Today, all of us are able to experience His powerful energy working in us and through us. How can we see this power working in us? It often begins in a time of prayer as we see His anointing stirring us up in petition, intercession, and worship. Supernatural prayer flows from this energy of the Spirit. Many times His power is displayed through the laying on of hands, often the energy of God will be transmitted as we lay our hands on someone in need. Also, His power is displayed when we share our testimony, after all, our testimony is the testimony of Jesus which is called the spirit of prophesy. This energy of God is what makes our lives different from the rest of the world, it is what made Paul stand out from everyone else.
Let the struggle begin in you, like Paul, struggling with all His energy that powerfully works within you.


  1. Oh yes testimony- its the Life and Spirit of the Lord. To have and give testimony is a Blessing to both the testament giver and recipient. It is a personal proclamation of the Father’s Love, His Son Jesus’ Mercy and Trustworthy and the Holy Spirit’s Comfort and Wisdom. Powerful,energy, supernatural are mere words which don’t even come close to an appropriate description of the Holy Spirit which must be first personally experienced to even begin to understand. And even being filled with the Holy Spirit for years does not more fully explain or give us a fuller understanding of the Holy Spirit. But once experienced or filled one will desire more and more for it hopefully becomes an addiction one never wants to have cured . In His Light and Love.

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